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Timemore Chestnut X Review

0 commentaireArticle par : Jasmin Tétreault
Timemore Chestnut X Review

Whether it's the tactile engagement or the value, hand grinders have a unique appeal. Today, we'll look at a grinder that has been out for a couple of years, the Timemore Chestnut X. This stepped burr grinder has been somewhat forgotten in coffee circles for other grinders like 1Zpresso and Kinu. We'll look into the performance of the Chestnut X, scrutinizing its individual features, and also pitch it against other notable grinders in the market.

About Timemore

Are you new to the coffee world? Timemore is an innovative Chinese brand that's shaking things up. They make quality coffee equipment without making you empty your pockets. One of their popular products is the C2 hand grinder, a favorite among travel enthusiasts. Another one is the widely used B75 dripper. And let's not forget their success with the Sculptor grinder—a Kickstarter project that broke all previous records!

Timemore Chestnut x box

Overview of the Chestnut X

Timemore's Flagship Hand Grinder

The Timemore Chestnut X grinder is their flagship model. It’s their vision of superior performance and build quality. Its claim to fame is a combination of high performance, superior quality, and precise control over grind size.

This precision is made possible by a stepped grind adjustment system with 120 clicks, offering the barista a broad spectrum of grind sizes to match their brewing needs. This precision, coupled with its excellent performance, justifies the higher price point, making it a worthwhile investment for serious coffee enthusiasts.

Equipped with 42mm conical stainless steel burrs, the Chestnut X offers more than just grinding. These burrs feature a unique spike-to-cut mechanism that prebreaks the beans, ensuring better distribution and a uniform grind. This burr design claims to contribute to a more consistent extraction and a flavorful cup of coffee.


  • 42mm S2C conical burrs
  • Stepped grind adjustment with 120 clicks
  • Foldable handle
  • All metal construction
  • Dual ball bearing

timemore chestnut x unboxing

S2C Burrs & Grind Consistency

Testing revealed the Chestnut X to produce a grind more similar to a traditional espresso, with a wider spread and more variability than seen in other top-tier hand grinders. This isn't necessarily a drawback, especially for those who prefer or don't mind a traditional espresso profile.

However, for those seeking the ultra-tight distribution characteristic of modern espresso, this might be a point of consideration. The spike-to-cut feature, while unique, doesn't seem to significantly impact the final grind distribution, at least not to the extent that we would expect from such an innovation.

That being said, the grind consistency is still on par with or above what you would expect at this price point, making the Chestnut X a grinder still worthy of consideration.


The Timemore Chestnut X has a satisfying construction that perfectly marries looks and functionality. As you unbox this beauty, you'll notice the attention to detail and the high-quality feel. The feature that won me over was the grind cup, which snaps into place, adding to the overall user experience. The grinder also has a cleverly designed folding handle, enhancing its portability and convenience of use.


The Chestnut X provides excellent grind control with its ability to make fine adjustments. However, the location of the adjustment mechanism at the grinder's base is less optimal than if it were at the top as it causes some difficulty to align the burrs. Despite this minor flaw, the rest of the design is exceptionally well thought out and aesthetically pleasing.

Black timemore chestnut x


  1. High Precision: Flagship model offering precise grind adjustments.
  2. Quality Build: Durable construction with a secure grind cup.
  3. User-friendly: Folding handle and appealing design for ease of use.


  1. Pricing: At $395, it might be out of reach for some budget-conscious buyers.
  2. Grind Style: Leans towards a traditional espresso grind distribution.
  3. Design Flaw: Lower adjustment placement complicates burr alignment.

Comparison to Other Grinders

Comandante C40 Vs Chestnut X

In superior hand grinders, the Comandante C40 and the Timemore Chestnut X are pretty close in performance. Each promises consistent grinding and an optimal coffee brewing experience.

However, there are certain key differences that set these two grinders apart. When it comes to grind quality, both deliver similar results - fine, consistent particles that contribute to a delicious cup of coffee. However, the Chestnut X edges out in terms of burr size. With larger burrs, the Chestnut X can grind beans more efficiently, reducing your efforts and ensuring quicker results.

The other significant difference is the number of grind adjustment steps. The Chestnut X, with its staggering 120-click range, surpasses the C40's step count. This vast array of options gives you greater control and precision in dialing in the perfect grind size for your brewing method, from espresso to French press. While the Comandante C40 does a commendable job, the Chestnut X's flexibility might just give it that extra appeal for coffee enthusiasts who enjoy fine-tuning their grind settings.

Kinu M47 Vs Chestnut X

When placed side by side with the Kinu M47, the Timemore Chestnut X presents an interesting comparison. Both are high-end, manual coffee grinders, but they cater to different preferences and bring unique features to the table.

Starting with grind distribution, the Kinu M47 showcases a tighter grind distribution than the Chestnut X. This quality makes the M47 a superior option for those who are seeking a more modern espresso grind profile.

The positioning of the adjustment mechanism is another notable difference. The M47 uses a top adjustment mechanism, contrary to the bottom adjustment in the Chestnut X. This design theoretically should provide a more user-friendly experience when aligning the burrs. However, from my experience, the M47's top adjustment doesn't work as seamlessly as it should, and it somewhat balances out the challenges posed by the Chestnut X's bottom adjustment.

The decision between Timemore Chestnut X and Kinu M47 relies heavily on your personal preferences. Should a tighter grind distribution is important to you, and you can maneuver around the top adjustment, the Kinu M47 would be a good pick. On the contrary, if wider grind distribution and distinctive features such as a snap-in grind cup and foldable handle are appealing, the Chestnut X would be a good choice.

1Zpresso K-Ultra Vs Chestnut X

Now, let's do a side-by-side with the Timemore Chestnut X and the 1Zpresso K-Ultra, another grinder that has caught the attention of coffee lovers.

The 1Zpresso K-Ultra is known for its tighter grind distribution, which often results in a more consistent extraction and nuanced flavors in your cup. Additionally, its top adjustment mechanism is more accessible and user-friendly, especially when compared to the bottom adjustment of the Chestnut X, making burr alignment less of a task.

The K-Ultra's larger 48mm burrs, although impressive, offer fewer grind settings, which could limit your ability to fine-tune the grind to your brewing method. Furthermore, the handle of the K-Ultra isn't as convenient as the folding handle that Chestnut X boasts, which could be a determining factor if ease-of-use is high on your list.

If your priority is a tighter grind distribution and a more user-friendly adjustment mechanism, the 1Zpresso K-Ultra could be your grinder of choice. On the other hand, if you value the ability to have a wide array of grind settings and place importance on the convenience of use, the Timemore Chestnut X would serve you well.

Timemore chestnut x


I've found that the Timemore Chestnut X is a standout hand grinder. With the overall build quality and features like the secure grind cup and folding handle, the Chestnut X holds its own with the rest.

However, it's not for everyone. If you prefer a more modern espresso grind distribution and find a bottom-positioned adjustment dial less ideal, this might not be your perfect match. And at $395, it's a significant investment. But for those of you who, like me, find joy in the details, the Chestnut X can truly enhance your brewing experience.


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