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Timemore B75 Flat Bottom Dripper Review

0 commentaireArticle par : Jasmin Tétreault
Timemore B75 Flat Bottom Dripper Review

Flat bottom drippers have been the hype lately and for good reason. The current drippers are expensive but Timemore set out to make an affordable one. In this  review will take a look into the features and performance of the Timemore B75 dripper and compare it to the current drippers available on the market.

An Overview of the Timemore B75

The Timemore B75 is designed to have a flat bottom base with their crystal eye walls. The base of the B75 has 10 ribs to creates a fast flow and allows for great filter support compared to other flat bottom drippers.

The B75 dripper is constructed from hard-wearing PCTG, a plastic food safe plastic that wont crack. It also has great thermal insulation properties meaning that it doesn't steal heat from your brew.and incorporates a distinctive design featuring a flat bottom, and sides angled at 75 degrees. This facilitates an accelerated flow rate and a stable coffee bed. Its structural integrity is further enhanced by ten supporting ribs and twenty side grooves that promote a smoother water flow.

Timemore B75 Dripper Review

Features of the Timemore B75 Dripper

Fast flow rate

With the bottom of the dripper being almost completely open, it has a very fast flow rate. It's a true game-changer that expands possibilities and versatility when brewing. You can switch from almost espresso to coarse grind size.


The defining feature of flat-bottom drippers compared to cone-shaped drippers lies in their exceptional consistency. The wider bottom area effectively mitigates clogging and stalling inconveniences. Meanwhile, the steeper walls minimize bypass, ensuring an even and thorough water flow across the coffee grounds for optimum extraction.

Timemore B75 Filters

The Timemore B75 uses Kalita 155 filters. Begin by positioning the Kalita Wave filter in the B75 dripper. Direct your hot water to the center of the dripper base, allowing it to gradually ascend and saturate the walls. After a brief pause, pour water over the sides of the filter. Your perfect brew is now within reach! 


I personally consider the Orea V3 dripper to be one of the most innovative and consistent drippers available, I base this off the cleaver use of materials, the fast flowing design and thermal consistency. This dripper really is hard to beat and it fills the market with a fantastic flat bottom dripper.


My only complaint about the B75 is that I wish the Timemore offered a bigger size like the 185 Kalita. Other than that, it's a fantastic dripper. 

Timemore B75 vs Orea V3

It is safe to say that the Orea V3 is currently the most hyped dripper but is it for good reason? Compared to the Orea, the B75 is much more available. We always have it in stock. Another point I prefer over the Orea is the fact that it doesn't retain coffee in the dripper, the Orea will spill coffee when you remove it. The only advantage is that the Orea V3 is offered in a bigger size. Price wise, the B75 wins hands down. 

Timemore Crystal Eye B75 - Dripper à fond plat $26.00

Dans cet article

Timemore Crystal Eye B75 - Dripper à fond plat

Le dripper Timemore B75 se distingue par sa construction en plastique PCTG durable. Son design unique incorpore un fond plat et des côtés inclinés à 75 degrés, ce qui se traduit par un débit plus rapide et un lit de café stable. Contrairement aux goutteurs traditionnels, le B75 comporte 10 nervures de soutien et 20 rainures latérales qui améliorent l'écoulement de l'eau pour une expérience d'infusion plus douce.