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Fellow Stagg X Brewer Review

0 commentPost by : Jasmin Tétreault
Fellow Stagg X Brewer Review

If you're into pour over coffee, you've likely heard of the Fellow Stagg X. It's a sleek, minimalist pour-over kettle that promises precision and control. But is it really worth the hype? We've put the Fellow Stagg X to the test to help you decide whether it's a worthwhile investment for your coffee brewing setup.

What is the Fellow Stagg X?

The Fellow Stagg X is a highly specialized flat-bottom brewer that comes equipped with a vacuum-sealed stainless steel body and a chic, matte black coating that remains pleasantly cool to the touch. Additionally, the Stagg X uses the same paper filters as the Kalita Wave. Located at the base of the brewer, a convenient silicone cover serves to safeguard your glass or carafe against any potential damage.

There are two Stagg X versions available: one is the brewer alone, while the other is the Stagg Pour Over Set and comes with Fellows' tasting glass. Both variants include a drip catcher that links to the brewer and a funnel for effortless coffee addiction. Additionally, filters are included in each set to get you started.


The Fellow Stagg X proves to be a remarkable asset in practical use. It produces a sweeter and less sour-tasting coffee than the V60. This is because it has better thermal insulation, leading to a higher slurry temperature, and a more even flow throughout the entire coffee bed, resulting in a more uniform extraction. We found that using it with a filter smoosher was gicing us better results since there was less bypass. 

The Fellow Stagg X Dripper - Features and Benefits

The Fellow Stagg X Dripper is a stylish and practical coffee brewing device that stands out from the rest. The dripper has a distinctive hole pattern that guarantee a steady and uniform extraction, yielding a deliciously full-bodied cup of coffee. Additionally, the dripper's vacuum insulated body and steep slope keep the coffee slurry warm.

Features of the Fellow Stagg X Brewer

  • Unique showerhead design
  • Double-wall vacuum insulation
  • 1-2 cup capacity
  • Uses 185 Kalita filters


Brewing with the Fellow Stagg X Dripper - Step by Step

Step 1: Start by heating your water to the desired temperature. We recommend using a temperature-controlled kettle like the Timemore Fish to ensure that your water is heated to the optimal temperature.

Step 2: Grind your coffee beans to a medium-fine consistency. We recommend using a burr grinder for a consistent grind.

Step 3: Place the Fellow Stagg X Dripper on top of your mug and add the coffee grounds. The recommended ratio is 1:15 coffee to water.

Step 4: Slowly pour the hot water over the coffee grounds, starting from the center and moving outwards in a circular motion. Use a gooseneck kettle for more precise pouring.

Step 5: Allow the coffee to bloom for 30 seconds, then continue pouring water over the coffee grounds until you reach the desired amount.

Step 6: Wait for the coffee to finish dripping, then remove the dripper and enjoy your perfect cup of coffee.

Why the Fellow Stagg X Brewer is Our Top Pick

The primary difference between the Stagg X and Stagg XF drippers is their size. The Stagg X is tailored for single servings with its smaller size, ensuring detailed brewing control and more filter availability, making it preferred for individual use. The Stagg XF, larger, is designed for making several cups at once, catering to bigger brews but filters are more difficult to find.

What is the difference between Stagg X and Stagg XF?

The primary difference between the Stagg X and Stagg XF drippers is their size. The Stagg X is smaller, and perfect for single servings. The Stagg XF, being larger, is better suited for brewing multiple cups at once. However, we prefer the Stagg X for its precise control over the brewing process and because its filters are more readily available.

Price and Value

The Fellow Stagg X is definitely on the pricier side for pour-over brewer, but we believe it's worth the investment for serious coffee enthusiasts.


To sum up, brewing coffee with the Fellow Stagg X Dripper is a pleasurable encounter that produces a clear cup of coffee. With the aid of our straightforward guide and utilizing our useful tips, brewing a flawless cup of coffee is a breeze. We trust that this guide has assisted you on your coffee brewing expedition. Cheers to happy brewing!

Fellow Stagg X Pour-Over Dripper $82.00

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Fellow Stagg X Pour-Over Dripper

Make a ridiculously good cup of coffee every morning with the help of the Fellow Stagg Pour Over Dripper. By way of vacuum insulation, steep slopes, and a unique hole and bump pattern, Fellow's Stagg X dripper is designed to yield a better and more consistent extraction with each brew.