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Barista Training Workshops

The Training You Need to Learn About Coffee

So you love coffee but wish you knew more about it? The Barista Workshops have got you covered! Our workshops provide an essential foundation of knowledge and skills in the world of coffee. From understanding flavor profiles to mastering milk-texturing techniques, our four courses are designed to help you become a confident barista. Our courses are available to home baristas and coffee shops.

101 Espresso Class

Espresso 101 is an introduction to the world of espresso, origins, and making. This workshop includes an explanation of how coffee beans are roasted for different flavors as well as teaching you about proper grinds so that your taste buds can enjoy every sip!

You will also learn what it takes to make beautiful foam with tips from our expert baristas who have years of experience in creating perfect drinks at home or in the workplace alike. You'll be able to make your favorite drinks like a pro after going through this workshop! We also cover basic barista tips so that you can start making great espressos at home or in any cafe easily.

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Latte Art Class

The advanced latte art course takes your skills to the next level. This class teaches all about making beautiful coffees with unique shapes and designs that are only possible through foam techniques such as microfoam production for shaping these items properly, plus more!

This in-depth training teaches students how to create microfoam with different designs, like hearts, tulips, and rosettas! You'll also learn about different types of milk and how to steam milk correctly.

If you want to take your latte art skills to the next level and impress your friends and family, then you need to sign up for our Latte Art training.

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Filter Coffee Training

The Filter Coffee training is perfect for those who want to learn about different brewing methods. This course will teach you how to make pour-over coffee. You'll also learn about grind size and water temperature.

You'll learn all about how to brew the perfect cup of coffee. We'll cover topics like extraction theory and different brewing methods. This course is perfect for anyone who loves coffee and wants to learn more about making it.

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Coffee Tasting Course

This course aims to teach you how to taste coffee like a professional. Yes, there is such a thing as professional coffee tasting. Coffee tasting is very similar to wine tasting and employs many of the same techniques.

A coffee tasting can be a great way to learn about different types of coffee and how to brewing methods can affect the final flavor of the coffee. Tasting also allows you to develop a more refined palate and appreciation for coffee.

In this course, we will be looking at how to taste coffee. We will pay attention to acidity, sweetness, and bitterness, as well as the aftertaste and mouthfeel.

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Our Trainer

Édouard Fabi
Coller Roaster is about sharing a passion and love for coffee and a mission to show how exceptional this product can be when given the love it deserves. Édouard is committed to sharing the best of the specialty coffee world, both from a taste and ethical perspective.

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We can make a personalized course for you or your coffee shop team. Uncover the secrets of brewing the perfect cup, while mastering latte art and refining your palate. Transform your passion into expertise with this engaging, one on one course.

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