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Finca El Sapo - Nucleus Coffee
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About Café Fabrique

At Café Fabrique, our mission is to ignite and share the passion for specialty coffee. We ensure accessible equipment for quality cups to start each day.

How we started

Café Fabrique is a family business that aims to share the passion for specialty coffee. We started in 2021 by making our own coffee gear. Now, we help people get access to everything they need in coffee gear.

How we evolved

Since our first version of the WDT tool, many things have changes. We were able to diversify our product offering and even create a new aluminum WDT tool. We are happy to have helped over 10 000 customers in their goals of making better coffee.

Reducing our footprint

Our affordable prices are possible by reducing the chain between the manufacturer and the consumer. This also allows a reduction in the carbon footprint, in addition to the other ecological advantages that our company offers: minimal packaging, reuse of materials and creation of several recyclable or compostable products.

Helping the community

At Café Fabrique, we work to make specialty coffee accessible so that our customers can start their day with quality coffee. We are part of the growing specialty coffee scene in Quebec and around the world. We are happy to welcome new coffee lovers. We strive to help them find information, discover new coffees and acquire quality accessories.