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Timemore Sculptor 064S Review - Worth The Wait?

0 commentPost by : Jasmin Tétreault
Timemore Sculptor 064S Review - Worth The Wait?

What comes to mind when you hear Timemore? It might be the hand grinders, the drippers, or if you have followed the hype from Kickstarter, it's the Sculptor. With their eyes on the electric market, Timemore has created the most hyped coffee grinder, the Sculptor. 

The 064S model is one of four different versions. Like many of the new grinders coming out these days, it’s a single-dose 64mm flat burr all-around coffee grinder. This grinder promises features and performance rarely found at its price point.

Timemore Sculptor 064S Back

Design and Build Quality

When I first unboxed it, I was surprised at how the Timemore Sculptor 064S is surprisingly compact yet heavy. The construction feels durable, with strong internals for precise grinding. At first glance, the grinder looks like a smaller and more rounded Fellow Ode. I think they’ve designed a grinder that not only saves space but also looks great.

I think the matte hopper of the 064 looks better than the clear version from the 078. The 064, especially in the black colorway, looks very modern and minimalist. The white model looks a bit like a sewing machine (thanks to Lance Hedrick, I cannot unsee it now).

While the grinder overall feels premium, certain accessories fall a little short. The wobbly power button lacks satisfaction, and the catch cup's lightness gives a cheap impression. Better RPM dial placement and an RPM display screen would enhance the experience.

Features of the Timemore 064S:

  • Variable RPM motor

  • A magnetic catch cup

  • A rotational fines knocker

  • A magnetic lid

  • A magnetic dial indicator that can easily be removed for recalibration

Timemore Sculptor 064S Variable RPM

Variable RPM

Adjustable RPM on the Timemore 064S is one of it's best features. It's reletively new on grinders, at least on budget grinders, and allows users to explore a new variable in the brewing process. The range on the 064S is 800-1200 RPM. I haven't seen a big difference between the fastest settings.

Even at the lowest RPM and with light roasts, I did not experience any stalling issues. The motor, rated at 150 watts, handled various beans effortlessly. It's worth noting that the rating was changed from 180 watts to 150 watts after the Kickstarter launch.

There's an ongoing debate in the coffee industry about the significance of RPM adjustments. Some believe that lower RPM results in fewer fines, while others see it as optimizing the grinder's operation. There still needs to be more testing and data to know for sure. Unlike the DF64 and Fellow Ode, which lack RPM adjustment, the Sculptor 064S offers this flexibility, potentially giving it an edge over its rivals.

Catch Cup

The catch cup on the Timemore Sculptor 064S is a bit light and flimsy at first, but the magnet has a strong pull and ensures the cup slides into the correct position. It fits perfectly on a 51 mm portafilter, making it an excellent choice for owners of La Pavonis, Delonghis, and older Brevilles.

The exterior has a nice finish. This issue can slow down the workflow and increase the chance of making a mess. The catch cup also doesn't have a lid. i think simplifies the process, reducing the number of parts to handle. Additionally, the grinder is exceptionally clean in operation, with virtually all grounds flying into the cup, but does have tendency to accumulate static.

Timemore Sculptor 064S Rotary Knocker

Rotary Knocker

The rotary knocker on the Timemore 064S is something that I haven’t seen on other grinders. This design reduces grind retention by releasing a snap of internal tension inside the chute, breaking free retained grinds. The rotary ring has pleasant tactile feedback with its clicks and is easy to grip. This feature is far more effective and satisfying to use than the knocker on the Fellow Ode.

I get very low retention with the rotary knocker, usually within +/- 0.1-0.2 grams. Occasionally, retention was slightly higher, but this was typically due to beans being stuck in the grinding chamber. I would like to see an anti-static, which would improve the experience.

Dial Indicator

The dial indicator on the Timemore Sculptor 064S is intuitive and user-friendly, and again drawing inspiration from the Fellow Ode. Unlike the Ode's stepped adjustment, the 064S features a stepless adjustment, providing more flexibility for fine-tuning espresso.

The espresso range is marked from 1-4, and while this might seem limited, each number has 10 subdivisions, offering precise control for dialing in your grind. For espresso, settings typically fall between 1-2, allowing for accurate adjustments. For filter coffee, the grind setting usually ranges between 8-10.

The magnetic dial indicator allows easy recalibration, which is perfect for switching to SSP burrs or turbo burrs from the 064.

Timemore Sculptor 064S Lid

The Lid

At first, I didn't understand why there were two magnets on the lid but quickly found that it allowed it to be positioned in two settings: fully closed or half-open. It's a great feature to prevent beans from popcorning when slow feeding or doing a hot start. Compared to the Fellow Ode, the Timemore Sculptor 064S lid is easier to slide into place thanks to its magnetic design. The lid is a well-thought-out part and does enhance the grinder's usability and workflow.

Detachable cord

The Timemore Sculptor 064S features a detachable power cord, a rare on coffee grinders. This is done to make it easier to move, simplify the cleaning process, and make repairs easier.

User Experience

The user experience with the Timemore Sculptor 064S has been great so far. Apart from the catch cup being lightweight, most parts feel well-made and durable. Overall it has been a clean grinder with minimal static, nothing a quick RDT won't fix.

Noise level

The grinder is both very silent and clean in daily use. At the same time, the workflow is straightforward and pleasurable. I can’t think of a grinder that nails all these three things so well at the same time. Thanks to the brushless motor, the 064S is one of the quietest grinders I’ve ever tried. You’ll hardly notice it’s on. Naturally, it will make noise when grinding beans, but the sound is not too loud.


This motor is designed to avoid stalling issues, although with very lightly roasted, dense beans at the lowest RPM settings, the grinder might struggle. Increasing the RPM mitigates this issue, allowing the grinder to handle even the finest espresso settings.

Timemore Sculptor 064



All the features and design elements don't matter if the coffee tastes awful, so let's dive into the tasting. Over the last week, I've pulled numerous espresso shots with the Timemore 064S, and they've been genuinely delightful. Compared to the DF64 gen 2, it was difficult to tell a difference. I pulled multiple shots, mixing them and trying to guess. I got it wrong many times, meaning they are very similar. The 064S can create a smooth, sweet espresso. When testing darker roasts, the shots had excellent body and mouthfeel. The shots were vibrant acidity and sweetness that make the grinder a strong contender in its price range.


While the Timemore 064S is primarily designed as an espresso grinder, it's still good at brewing pour-over coffee. I have made a comparison and brewed some filter coffee on it that was sweet and balanced although with some astringency.

In comparison tests with the Fellow Ode V2, the Timemore 064S produced filter coffee that is more muted, than what you might expect from a high-end hand or more filter-focused grinder. The Fellow Ode excels in clarity and overall better filter coffee quality, delivering a more pronounced and refined flavor profile. However, the 064S still offers a robust and enjoyable cup, especially for those who appreciate a body in their brews.

For light roast enthusiasts, the 064S delivers enjoyable brews, though it may not achieve the same level of nuance as premium grinders. I would put it on par with the DF64 Gen 2. If you are looking for a filter coffee grinder, the 064 would be better than a 064S.

Timemore Sculptor 064S


The Timemore 064S grinder stands out as a versatile, high-performing grinder with exceptional value for its price. Its ability to perform well across various brewing methods, especially espresso, and its potential for upgradable burrs make it a great choice.

If you're looking for a versatile grinder that excels in espresso, the 064S is a great choice. The single-dose workflow, magnetic catch cup, and rotary knocker make it a user-friendly option. The adjustable RPM feature, ranging from 800 to 1200, is a welcome addition. While the 064S may not drastically outperform established models like the Fellow Ode for filter coffee. It still holds its own compared to other espresso focused grinders.

No product is perfect, and the 064S has a few quirks, such as occasional bean catching in the hopper and static in the dosing cup. Cleaning the grinder can also be a bit challenging due to the small screws. However, these issues are minor compared to the overall performance and value the 064S provides.

For those upgrading from a Breville Smart Grinder Pro or similar, the 064S significantly improves coffee quality. The hype surrounding the Timemore Sculptor 064S is well-deserved. It may not revolutionize the grinder market, but it certainly raises the bar for what coffee enthusiasts can expect from a mid-range grinder.

Timemore Sculptor 064S - All-Purpose Grinder $679.00

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Timemore Sculptor 064S - All-Purpose Grinder

The Timemore Sculptor 064S All-Purpose Grinder is equipped with flat burrs, capable of grinding for espresso, providing the consistency and uniformity desired by coffee enthusiasts, and also offers superior grind quality when grinding more coarsely for filter, immersion, and siphon brewing methods.