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DF64 Gen 2 Coffee Grinder Review

0 commentPost by : Jasmin Tétreault
DF64 Gen 2 Coffee Grinder Review

While some dismissed the original DF64 as an underdog, it quickly proved itself a worthy grinder, with single-dosing capability and grind consistency that made even the coffee geeks take notice.

The original DF64 had a few quicks that kept it from being the exceptional but still the DF64 has set the benchmarks for economical high-performance coffee grinders. The Gen 2 takes this up a notch, improving upon the last generation. Lest take a look at this new grinder.

DF64 Gen 2 Overview

The DF64 Gen 2 comes loaded with a set of accessories, such as a high-quality dosing cup, a dosing collar, and even a nice wooden cap for an elegant touch. The grinder also features an innovative anti-popcorning device built into its design structure, acting like its own hopper. The mounting forks fit a 58mm portafilter or our dosing cup perfectly. The grind setting indicator dial can be adjusted to the machine's real zero point, elevating your grinding to a professional level.

DF 64 Gen 2 Anti popcorn

Addressing The Flaws Of The DF64

At a price point of approximately $650, the earliest consumers of the original DF64 grinder were not sparing in their criticism. They pointed out several valid issues: static electricity affecting the grind, a declumper that paradoxically clumped coffee grounds, difficult-to-read grind settings, and an array of other problems including the absence of an anti-popcorning device.

The DF64 Gen 2 grinder effectively builds upon its predecessor. It addresses every major concern and introduces an advanced plasma generator, which drastically reduces static in the grind chute—surpassing even the Acaia Ion beam.

DF64 Gen 2 Key Features

  • New 64mm DLC burrs that are very close to SSP MP
  • A static reducing plasma generator in the grinds chute
  • New metal finish, better than original DF64 vinyl finish
  • Aluminum dosing cup
  • Upgrades of the DF64 Gen 2 Vs Original DF64


    Incorporating a feature from the DF64V and the Lagom P64, and effectively minimizes coffee beans from jumping out during grinding. From my tests, it does decrease grinding time by around 4 seconds. Fabricated from metal with high tolerances, this feature is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing, unlike substandard 3D-printed alternatives on the original DF64.

    DF 64 Gen 2 DLC Burrs


    Unlike its predecessor that featured budget Italmill burrs, the DF64 Gen 2 includes custom burrs almost identical to the highly-prized SSP Multi Purpose burrs. The ones I tested were the ones with DLC coating, identical to the ones in the DF64V I tested. Essentially, you're getting a $250 burr set included in the $600 asking price of the grinder. The DF64 Gen 2 coffee grinder has a fairly high-speed grinding experience at 1400 RPM. You can grind a double espresso dose in around 7-11 seconds.

    Burr Carrier Area Redesigned

    This unit has a newly designed top burr carrier featuring a solid metal plate, which minimizes places where grinds can escape. Furthermore, it simplifies the process of disassembly for deep cleaning. The top burr carrier also sits between rubber pads to reduce vibrations.

    Wave Spring

    This version of the DF64 Gen 2, replaces the traditional three small springs with a singular 360-degree wave ring spring. This modernization eliminates the potential for part misplacement during deep cleaning activities and also creates a more uniform pressure on the burr carrier.

    DF64 Gen 2 wave spring

    Plasma Generator in the Dosing Chute

    The grinder has a plasma generator, effectively reducing static during operation. What is a plasma generator you might ask, it emits positive and negative ions to remove coffee static build-up, similar to the Acaia Ion Beam

    Redesigned Declumper

    The declumping system on the DF64 Gen 2 is redesigned and a lot simpler. It only a small plastic tab but does work quite well in combination with the plasma generator.

    Adjustment Collar & Dial

    The newly designed metal collar offers both visual and material upgrades. It includes a metal dial indicator that assists with accurate grind-size adjustments, so you don't need third-party 3D-printed parts.

    DF64 Gen 2 Catch cup

    Dosing Ring and Aluminum Catch Cup

    The new DF64 Gen 2 includes multiple noteworthy parts. A detachable 58mm portafilter collar, which is indispensable for the WDT method, saves you around $30 as it eliminates the need for an optional purchase. Additionally, the dosing cup has been upgraded from plastic to a more durable material, representing a $35 value.

    New Fork and Chute Layout

    The DF64 Gen 2 addresses a key issue from the original model. Previously, users had to buy an aftermarket angled dosing cup adapter because the cup's positioning led to grinds and spray scattering across the counter, especially when using the bellows. The newly designed dosing cup, coupled with its collar, sits much closer to the exit chute. This close fit drastically reduces pathways for grinds to disperse, resulting in a cleaner workspace. The plasma beam also enhances cleanliness during operation.

    DF64 Gen 2 Dosing ring

    New Placement of Power Button

    In response to user feedback, the DF64 Gen 2 has moved its previously obstructed power button to a more accessible side location. Although redesigned with a red hue (or white on some models), the button remains unlit, making it less distracting in everyday kitchen use.

    DF64 Gen 2 Performance

    Grind Retention

    With its redesigned metal clump crusher and grind chamber, the DF64 Gen 2 successfully addresses previous grind retention problems. Additionally, the bellows effectively clear any residual coffee from the chamber. I found that using the bellows weren't necessary and the anti-popcorn alone did a great job.

    Taste Test

    In a head-to-head taste test between the Gen 2 and the original DF64, the new model shines in acidic flavor profiles. Particularly for filter coffee drinkers who prefer light to medium roasts, the updated burrs in the Gen 2 make a noticeable difference.

    For those who prioritize clarity in their espresso, the new burrs offer increased acidity and more focused flavors compared to their Italmill predecessors. However, if you like classic espressos, you may find the older burrs more to their liking.

    Downside Of The Gen 2 DF64

    While the Gen 2 DF64 comes with several enhancements, it has its drawbacks. Notably, the noise level remains high because of its brushed motor, making it less ideal for those who prefer a quiet coffee-making experience.

    The grinder does emit sound even when empty, but grinding does not make it excessively loud. It's stll a lot quieter than the Sette 270.

    Final Notes

    After seasoning the grinder, it performs excellently. Its ion generator helps grinds slide out smoothly. Thanks to the redesigned grinding chamber, you'll find that almost all the grounds are effortlessly swept out. Adding to that efficiency is the plasma generator at the top of the grind chute, which virtually eliminates static. Plus you'll save $250 on additional features, like SSP burrs.

    If you're on the fence about espresso grinders, the Gen 2 DF64 should grab your attention. It provides a perfect balance of performance and value, easily rivaling other models like the DF83 with bigger burrs and DF64V with a variable-speed motor. Unlike the original DF64, this updated model has resolved most shortcomings, making it an exceptional choice for 2023.

    DF64 Gen 2


    Is the DF64 Gen 2 good for espresso?

    The DF64 Gen 2 is purpose-built for espresso. The grinder minimizes coffee waste with its low retention feature. With this grinder, you're assured of grind consistency, which is a pivotal factor for a perfect espresso shot. Additionally, the user-friendly workflow makes the whole process a breeze, all without burning a hole in your wallet. 

    Can you make pour over with the DF64 Gen 2?

    Absolutely, you can make pour-over coffee with the DF64 Gen 2. This grinder is versatile enough to handle various grind sizes, so it's not just limited to espresso. Just adjust the grind setting to a coarser level suitable for pour-over, and you should be able to enjoy a cup of coffee with clarity and complexity. Rivalling more expensive grinders in the performance department.

    Is it necessary to do burr alignment?

    It is not be necessary. Most DF64 grinders are designed to come from the factory with burrs that are fairly well aligned. If the flavor profile of your coffee meets your expectations, further adjustment is not typically needed. However, for those who prefer a more tailored experience, the marker test is available for additional alignment.

    What is the speed of the DF64 Gen 2

    The DF64 Gen 2 grinder operates at a fixed speed of 1400 RPM, which places it at the higher end of the RPM spectrum for burr grinders.

    DF64 Gen 2 With DLC Burrs - Single Dose Coffee Grinder $420.00

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    DF64 Gen 2 With DLC Burrs - Single Dose Coffee Grinder

    The DF64 Gen 2 is the latest iteration of a grinder that already had a stellar reputation. This new version takes into account feedback from its previous models and ups the ante in just about every way. At the heart of it, you'll find a robust 250W motor paired with 64mm DLC burrs. These aren't just any burrs; they're coated with Diamond-Like-Coating that significantly outlasts standard steel burrs. New models with metal power buttons.