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The New DF64V Reviewed - Better Than the Lagom P64?

0 commentPost by : Jasmin Tétreault
The New DF64V Reviewed - Better Than the Lagom P64?

Recently, the DF64V was launched, showcasing an evolutionary advancement design specifically for coffee geeks. With features that surpass its predecessors, the grinder now steps into high-end performance at an affordable cost.

In this review I'll test the of the DF64V grinder, examining its performance and comparing it to the Lagom P64.

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What's New On The DF64V?

Upgraded and Improved Features

  • New de-clumper design
  • All metal body
  • Improved burr chamber
  • Anti Popcorn
  • New adjustment dial for easier reading and precise adjustments
  • Variable RPM motor
  • Upgraded 64mm DLC burrs

Variable RPM motor

The most exciting upgrade of the DF64V is its redesigned motor. The newly incorporated 300w brushless motor enhances the grinder's power while reducing operational noise.

The recent modification of the motor introduces the feature to vary the speed of the motor, hence the V in DF64V. You can now change this setting at the turn of the wheel situated on the side. It offers a range from 600 RPM for tighter uniformity to a swift 1800 RPM for faster grinds that you can see on the little LCD. This versatility in speed control means you can explore a variety of grind sizes distribution and test out different styles.

Anti Popcorn

One of the standout improvements of the DF64V is its new anti-popcorning feature. The original DF64 suffered from the issue of popcorning, where coffee beans would pop out of the grinder. The DF64V addresses this problem with its ingenious removable anti-popcorning solution in the hopper similar to the Lagom P64.

Declumper and magnetic chute

A small upgrade in the DF64V coffee grinder is the introduction of a thin steel sheet de-clumper. This is a shift from the original DF64's silicone de-clumper, which had retention issues causing regrinding of the coffee. The new de-clumper in the DF64V eliminates these issues effectively while removing clumping and preventing any build-up. Moreover, the magnetic chute makes it easier to clean and I haven't had any issues with clogging like the previous gen.

All metal design

With the DF64V improved it's longevity with a robust construction. The metal body not only adds a polished aesthetic but also ensures the grinder's resilience against daily wear contrary to the vinyl wrapped original model.

New burr chamber

The burr chamber in the DF64V has been entirely restructured. The previous three-spring design has been replaced with a wave spring. This enhancement simplifies burr replacement and increases the grinder's stability.

64mm DLC flat burrs

The DF64V comes with new 64mm Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) burrs. The specialty of these burrs lies in the DLC coating, designed to increase their life cycle and their resistance to wearing. This is achieved by significantly cutting down friction. With the reduced friction also comes more consistent grind size distribution.

New adjustment dial

Departing from the older design, where the entire ring had to be turned to adjust the grind size, the DF64V simply requires rotation of the hopper. This improvement allows for accurate and effortless grind size adjustments. It is also furnished with explicit, easy-to-read markings, rendering the dial of the DF64v4 unnecessary.

DF64V Performance

Grind Consistency

I really liked using the DF64V with the variable motor. I for that slower RPM had a better grind consistency. As I tested it out, I noticed that the DF64V consistently produced a clear, nuanced cup.

The burrs of the DF64V are versatile, managing espresso and V60 grinds. Additionally, they show considerable improvements when tasked with coarser grind settings.

One significant improvement I have noted is the inclusion of a bigger, brushless motor in the DF64V. This new motor design also allows for variable speed adjustments, offering me control over grinding speed from a gentle 600 RPM up to a robust 1800 RPM. This flexibility further enhances the overall versatility and performance of the grinder.

Keep this in mind, lighter roasts may cause the motor's RPM to dip, leading to changes in your grind size distribution. But don't worry! Starting the grinder before tossing in the beans can help, especially at lower RPMs.

Grind Retention

On the previous DF64 models, grind retention was a problem and could cause regrinding. The DF64V was redesigned to address this problem. The upgraded metal clump crusher retains less coffee compared to the previous model. While there is some coffee left inside the chamber, the bellows do a good job at pushing them out. Cleaning the remaining grounds is a breeze, the removable chute makes very easy to clean.

Value for Money

When it comes to grind quality and performance, the DF64V outperforms its competitors. Its tight grind uniformity is unmatched in this price range. If you end up wanting more performance, you can purchase SSP burrs.

DF64V vs Lagom P64

The Lagom P64 is praised for its looks and quality. It's equipped with 64mm SSP flat burrs that guarantees an excellent extraction for a wide range of brewing methods.

However, the DF64V holds its own against this heavyweight competitor. The newly introduced brushless motor not only reduces the grinder's size and noise level but also allows variable speed adjustments. A feature that is absent on the Lagom P64.

In terms of ease of cleaning, both grinders score high marks. But the DF64V's smoother threading and simplified burr chamber design make disassembly and maintenance slightly more straightforward, which is a considerable advantage for daily users.

Lastly, while the Lagom P64 offers great performance, it's important to factor in cost. The DF64V has more features and comes in at a more affordable price point, providing significant value for money and with the same burrs, providing the same grind quality.


To conclude, the DF64V is a great choice for a high-end espresso grinder. Its new features are unmatched at this price point making it the perfect choice for single dosing.

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DF64V - Variable Speed Coffee Grinder - Single Dose

Transform your coffee experience with the DF64V. Made to be a versatile grinder, it's able to grind from pour-over to espresso with ease. Its ultra-low retention, sleek compact size, stepless adjustment, and variable speed don’t just make it good—they make it a must-have for every coffee lover.