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Flair 58 Plus Review - Their Best Best Lever Machine Yet?

0 commentPost by : Jasmin Tétreault

It's been a while since Flair introduced new models in the lineup. They, recently can out with the NEO Flex and the one we will be testing today, the 58+. I had the chance to see it at the Portland SCA Expo and couldn't wait to test the new feature. The Flair 58 might be your budget-friendly passport to professional espresso. In this article, I'll evaluate he performance and take a look at the new features.

Overview of the Flair 58 Plus

Before we get started, I want to mention that we already have a review of the Flair 58 so we won't get into ll the nitty gritty in this article as the new Flair 58 Plus is not all that different. The Flair 58+ is their new flagship and the main difference is the inclusion of more tools as well as walnut accents. If you want, you can even get the Flair 58+ with a Hard Travel Case!

What's New On The Flair 58 Plus

  • Walnut portafilter and wood accents
  • Walnut palm tamper
  • Articulating shot mirror
  • Detachable preheat controller
  • New hard case

Flair 58 plus on counter

Standout Features 

  • Electric preheating
  • Simple design
  • Pressure profiling
  • Easy-to-use workflow
  • Electric Preheating

    Just like the standard 58, it offers an electric preheating group. This makes it much easier to keep temperature stable, a big upgrade over unheated groups. Preheating is crucial in espresso extraction as it ensures the water maintains a consistent temperature throughout the process, which ultimately contributes to better-tasting espresso. You no longer have to manually heat the group head with hot water; instead, the machine handles this for you, maintaining a stable temperature and providing a more consistent brew.


    The Flair 58+ has the workflow of familiar manual lever machines. The espresso journey starts by grinding fresh beans into the portafilter. Then preheating the brew head using the machine's electric feature. Add hot water to the reservoir, insert the portafilter, and engage the lever, carefully adjusting water pressure and flow. Finally, clean the machine, remove the coffee puck, and savor your espresso.

    Flair 58 plus side

    Heater Attachment

    Flair introduced on all 58 models their new heater attachment. Their goal was to design it for convenience and longevity. With its detachable design, cleaning becomes a breeze while reducing the risk of accidental damage.

    Pressure Profiling

    Pressure profiling is an advanced feature in espresso machines that allows baristas to control the water flow and pressure during the extraction process. The lever on the Flair 58 Plus gives you this exact control. This is a considerable advantage because the ability to alter the pressure at different stages of extraction can significantly influence the flavor profile of the espresso. You can start with pre-infusion at a lower pressure, ramp up to full pressure for the main extraction, and then gradually reduce pressure towards the end.

    Articulating Mirror

    The addition of the articulating shot mirror is another great feature of the Flair 58 Plus. This mirror allows you to look at the extraction process without an awkward bending over while pressing the lever. It helps to see if there are any issues with puck preparation. This might seem like another small detail, but it's these thoughtful inclusions that elevate the brewing experience and really allow you to perfect your espresso shots.


    • Affordable price
    • Easy to use
    • Electric preheating
    • Pressure profiling


    • Limited espresso cup size
    • No milk frother

    Flair 58 plus espresso shot

    Comparison with Expensive Machines

    When compared to pricier espresso machines, the Flair 58 Plus holds its own pretty well, especially considering its price tag. Higher-end machines may offer automatic functions, but the Flair 58 Plus matches them in terms of extraction quality. Its manual operation can also be seen as an advantage as it provides a hands-on brewing experience that automatic machines can't replicate.

    Before Buying The Flair 58 Plus

    The Flair 58 espresso machine has a couple of things worth considering before buying. Firstly, its manual operation may require beginners to invest time in mastering it for producing top-notch espresso and there is a learning curve. Secondly, it lacks a built-in milk frother, meaning users must manually froth milk with a Nanofoamer to make lattes or cappuccinos. Nonetheless, if you are seeking an affordable and hands-on espresso maker, the Flair 58 is an excellent choice.


    Flair 58 Plus is indeed a great choice for home-based coffee enthusiasts, offering barista-level espresso at a reasonable price. It boasts electric preheating, pressure profiling, and a simple design - all essential to a hands-on brewing experience. The product is worth the investment for both beginners and seasoned baristas looking to up their coffee game.


    We have it available for you in our store!


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