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Flair 58 Review - Are Lever Espresso Makers Worth It?

0 commentPost by : Jasmin Tétreault

If you're a coffee enthusiast on the hunt for a reasonably priced yet high-quality espresso machine, you may want to consider the Flair 58. This manual espresso machine guarantees to deliver professional-grade espresso right to your kitchen at a fraction of the expense. In this article, we'll go over what makes it ideal for those who prefer a hands-on approach to brewing coffee. 

About Flair Espresso

Flair Espresso is a company committed to providing manual espresso machines to a wide audience. They believe that the tactile involvement in crafting coffee is what sets it apart as a distinct and remarkable beverage. By emphasizing both affordability and excellence, Flair Espresso has rapidly gained recognition as a renowned brand within the coffee community.

Overview of the Flair 58

The Flair 58 is the latest offering from Flair Espresso, in their range of manual espresso machines. This appliance is ideal for individuals who possess restricted kitchen space, due to its diminutive size and uncomplicated design. Don't let its small form factor deceive you, as the Flair 58 boasts an array of noteworthy features, including an electric preheating system that enhances its performance.


  • Affordable price
  • Electric preheating
  • Simple design
  • Pressure profiling
  • Easy-to-use workflow

Electric Preheating

The Flair 58 offers a noteworthy feature setting it apart from earlier models: an innovative electric preheating mechanism. This addition streamlines the espresso-making process, allowing for effortless preparation in a matter of minutes.


The workflow of the Flair 58 is simple and straightforward. It's equipped with a lever that allows you to control the pressure and flow rate of the water. The entire process is user-friendly, enabling even the most inexperienced of baristas to operate the device with ease while allowing the most experienced to play with brewing parameters.

Pressure Profiling

The Flair 58 offers a unique feature: pressure profiling. This capability, controlled by the lever, allows users to fine-tune the pressure of their espresso shots, whether targeting a classic 1:2 at 9 bars or a modern 1:3+ at 6 bars, enabling the perfect brew.


  • Affordable price
  • Easy to use
  • Electric preheating
  • Pressure profiling


  • Limited espresso cup size
  • Limited functionality compared to more expensive machines


There are a few drawbacks to the Flair 58 espresso machine:

  1. Learning curve: Although it is a manual machine that requires a hands-on operation, novices may need some time to become proficient in utilizing it to produce high-quality espresso.
  2. No milk frother: The Flair 58 espresso machine does not feature a milk frother. This implies that you must manually froth your milk in order to craft lattes or cappuccinos.

Despite these drawbacks, the Flair 58 is still a great option for coffee lovers who want an affordable and hands-on espresso machine.


Is Flair 58 worth it?

If you're seeking an espresso machine that's both cost-effective and of high quality, then the Flair 58 is definitely a worthwhile investment. Its remarkable features, user-friendly design, and compact dimensions make it an ideal choice for budget-conscious coffee aficionados. Even with its affordable price tag, the Flair 58 produces professional-grade espresso shots, rendering it an exceptional alternative for those desiring cafe-style coffee within the comforts of their own home.

Does the Flair 58 come with a puck screen?

The Flair 58 espresso machine does indeed include a puck screen, which contributes to the consistency of the espresso shots. The puck screen helps to evenly distribute the coffee grinds in the portafilter, resulting in impeccably crafted espresso shots that can be savored with every use.

Does the flair make real espresso?

Absolutely! The Flair 58 is adept at crafting genuine espresso that can rival the quality of what you'd get at your local café. Its pressure profiling attribute allows you to fine-tune the pressure and temperature of your espresso shot to your exact taste specifications, guaranteeing a flawless brew every time. Whether you're fond of a strong, robust espresso or a more delicate, velvety shot, the Flair 58 is the perfect solution for you.

Does the flair 58 come with a tamper?

Yes, the Flair 58 does come with a tamper. This essential tool is crucial for making espresso, as it helps to evenly compact the grinds in the portafilter, ensuring that water passes through and creates a delicious shot. The included tamper means that you can start making espresso right away, without having to purchase additional equipment.

Maintenance & Cleaning

Maintaining and cleaning the Flair 58 espresso machine is a breeze. This device boasts a detachable brew head, which grants easy access to all of its components for a thorough clean. The Flair 58 is also designed with top-notch materials, assuring its longevity with proper upkeep. Consistent and periodic cleaning and maintenance are crucial to preserving the machine's ability to generate delectable espresso shots for many years to come.


To sum up, the Flair 58 is a commendable option for coffee enthusiasts who desire to relish barista-level espresso within the comfort of their homes. Its reasonably-priced tag, electric preheating, pressure profiling, and uncomplicated design make it an ideal selection for those who want to take a hands-on approach to their coffee brewing process. Whether you are a seasoned barista or a newbie, investing in the Flair 58 will certainly enhance your coffee game.


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