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Aeropress Review - The Most Overated Brewer?

0 commentPost by : Jasmin Tétreault
Aeropress Review - The Most Overated Brewer?

If you're new in the coffee world, you might not be familiar with the Aeropress. At first glance, might look strange but it's very versatile. Over the years, it gathered attention and solidified its place as the best brewer available for specialty coffee. I got one for myself a couple months ago and it's proven to be an enjoyable addition to my morning. With many recipes out there it can produce exceptional coffee. If you're deliberating over which coffee brewer to purchase, the Aeropress should, without a doubt, be a prime contender.

Creating The Aeropress

Alan Adler, a recognized Stanford professor and mechanical engineer, brought the Aeropress to life in 2005. The man behind the Aerobie Flying Ring also engineered this marvel. The Aeropress, with its adaptability and ease of use, won the hearts of coffee enthusiasts globally, creating a loyal and growing fan base.

Aeropress with Aersir filters

Aeropress World Championship

This brewer has sparked such an enthusiastic following that it initiated an annual global event, the Aeropress World Championship. Participants must comply with one key rule: brew a single coffee cup using an Aeropress coffee maker.

What sets each contender apart is the unique coffee recipe they utilize, positioning the competition to highlight both brewing skills and originality. In recent years, the competition has grown more fierce, with many of the world's top baristas contending for the title.

Evolution & Build Quality

The Aeropress is constructed from a BPA-free plastic and has seen several modifications over the years to enhance its appeal and durability. Its latest version is even available in clear Tritan, and looks awesome. The one I use is a cloudy, semi-transparent gray. The plunger has a detachable silicone seal, simplifying the cleaning process.

Despite its plastic and rubber composition, the Aeropress stands as a remarkably robust device. If you ever wear out the silicone seal it is conveniently and economically replaceable in our store.

Older models were slightly more prone to scratches, but the new design and improved material have eliminated that issue. There is even the new clear model that is made out of Tritan that is pretty much indestructible. There are even videos of people running over it with their cars and the Aeropress works fine after.

Inverted Aeropress Go

Brewing With The Aeropress

There are two main ways to brew with the Aeropress, the inverted and normal method.

Traditional Brewing Method

The brewing process begins placing a paper filter and securing it into the plastic disk. Following this, you add your preferred ground coffee and a measured amount of water into the device. The next step is simply to press down on the plunger and, like magic, your coffee is ready!

There are obviously more subtilities to brewing. The brewing process and the method can greatly affect the taste and quality of your coffee. If you want more recipes, the champions' recipes are available on the Aeropress website.

Inverted Brewing Method

Unlike traditional methods, inverted Aeropress brewing requires you to start by placing the plunger into the chamber. Then you introduce the coffee grounds and hot water. The lid and paper filter are added last. To finish off, turn the Aeropress upside down and steadily depress the plunger.

Interestingly, most Aeropress World Champions often use the inverted brewing method for their award-winning recipes, which are again available on the Aeropress website. This fact might inspire you to experiment with the inverted method, potentially discovering a new favorite way to brew their morning cup.

Pressing on Aeropress plunger

How It Performs

Different ways to make coffee can change how it tastes. The Aeropress is more like pour-over coffee, but if you use a metal filter, it can taste like French press coffee. Tools like the Fellow Prismo and Aeropress Flow Control can help make the coffee stronger, but it won't be as strong as espresso.

My Favorite Recipe

The dripper, paired with thick paper filters and the inverted method, is my preferred way of brewing coffee. My starting point was Jennifer Rui Ping's recipe; she was the third-place winner in 2022. Adjusting her method slightly, I use Aesir filters with a slightly higher temperature of 86 degrees and a finer grind. This adaptation enhances the clarity and gives more roundness to my coffee.

Metal filters

If you're interested in enhancing your coffee's body, a good option is to purchase a metal filter disk as a replacement for paper filters. It's a cost-effective investment that significantly your coffee maker's functionality. Though metal disk filters come in various styles, their core function remains the same, with more or less body according to the hole size.

Thick paper filters

In my opinion, the Aesir filters, standout. Their thicker design blocks the majority of coffee oils that usually end up in your cup. This filtration process lets the subtle and delicate flavors of your coffee come to the forefront. It's similar to using a double Aeropress filter. 

Acme Taster Cup 110ml with Aeropress Go


There aren't many downsides to the Aeropress but if I have to find some, it would be amount of brewing techniques and recipes available -it can be overwhelming finding a recipe that works for you. Another possible downside is its limited brewing capacity. Although ideal for solo brews or small servings, it can be a constraint if you need to brew for multiple people.


So, is the Aeropress overrated?

I don't think so! This brewer has earned its reputation and is a must-have brewer. It's user-friendly and has near-infinite adaptability. The learning curve might seem daunting, but it's part of the journey. The Aeropress is a playground for creativity. Making a good cup of coffee with the Aeropress is easy and it has become a classic for a reason!


Can I use AeroPress like a French Press?

Yes, you can use the Aeropress like a french press. The AeroPress, while similar to a French Press in terms of steeping coffee grounds, surpasses it with a design that employs paper or metal filters for a cleaner cup. Furthermore, its design enables more versatility and control over pressure and filtration.

Is the AeroPress BPA free?

Yes, the AeroPress is BPA free and also food-safe. All AeroPress coffee makers produced after 2009 are made from polypropylene, a type of plastic that is free from bisphenol-A (BPA) and phthalates. This material is not only durable but also certified safe for contact with food and beverages. It won't leach harmful chemicals into your coffee, ensuring your brew is both safe and tasty.

Does AeroPress taste like espresso?

While AeroPress can make strong, concentrated coffee, it doesn't truly replicate the espresso due to its inability to reach the necessary pressure. Nonetheless, many enjoy its rich output. For a closer approximation to espresso, consider the Prismo cap, which can increase pressure during brewing, resulting in a thicker, more concentrated brew. However, remember, even with this accessory, AeroPress won't yield an authentic espresso shot.

Aeropress vs Aeropress Go

The AeroPress is larger and suitable for home use, while the AeroPress Go is a compact version, designed for travel with all components fitting into a mug for portability. Both models brew similar quality coffee. Choose the AeroPress for larger servings and home use, and the AeroPress Go for travel and single servings.

AeroPress Original Coffee Maker $55.00

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AeroPress Original Coffee Maker

The AeroPress Coffee Brewer is one of our most popular coffee brew methods. The AeroPress is an exceptionally forgiving and consistent way of making great coffee. It's also perfect for camping and travel, and the method devoted to by most professional baristas.