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Square Mile Coffee Roasters - Our Roaster of the Month!

0 commentPost by : Jasmin Tétreault
Square Mile Coffee Roasters - Our Roaster of the Month!

This month, we bring you delicious coffee from London. Once a year we get coffee from around the world and we are proud to introduce our new Roaster of the Month, Square Mile Coffee Roasters! This award-winning company was founded in 2008, they have grown from being a small team to a dynamic group of talented coffee professionals. Now, they are on a mission to continuously evolve and challenge themselves as they look for better solutions to their everyday tasks. Let's take a look at why they stand out from the rest! 

The Team Behind The Beans 

What really makes Square Mile stand out is how passionate they are about coffee and how dedicated they are to providing only the best product possible. Their team consists of talented professionals who truly believe in what they do! With Anette Moldvaer and James Hoffmann at the helm, they been able to guide th team towards success while maintaining an unwavering commitment to sustainability. It is this passion that has led them to be synonymous with London's famous coffee culture. 

Espresso Macro Shot

Their Mission

Their mission is to continually evolve, measure their impact and look for better solutions in their everyday tasks. They believe that by working together with their partners across the supply chain, they can build stronger relationships and contribute towards making London's speciality coffee & culture even more well-known around the world. 

Commitment to sustainability

At the heart of Square Miles' process is their commitment to sustainability. All the beans that they roast are traceable back to its origin, so you know exactly where your coffee came from. They also contribute towards making sure London specialty coffee culture stays firmly on the map through their efforts in sourcing and roasting top-notch beans.  

Square Miles Coffee Roasters

Quality Coffee

But that's not all - Square Mile Coffee Roasters also prides themselves on their exceptional quality product. Every step of the process is carefully managed so that each batch of beans remains consistent in its flavour profile, ensuring you get a perfect cup every time you brew or order a latte at your favourite cafe. This attention to detail has earned them numerous awards throughout the years from various international competitions such as World Barista Championship and The United States Barista Championship.

Square Miles Coffee Roasters  

We are proud to partner with Square Mile Coffee Roasters as our roaster of the month! Their amazing dedication to quality and expertise in sourcing ethically-sourced beans makes them a perfect partner for us here at Cafe Fabrique. We can’t wait for you to try all the delicious coffees that Square Mile has to offer – it’s sure to be an amazing month! So sit back, relax and enjoy a cup of freshly brewed coffee knowing it was made with love by one of London’s best roasters!

We supports ethical trade practices in all aspects of our supply chain from farm to cup. We only source high-quality beans from farms that practice responsible farming methods; protecting both people and planet alike. Thanks for helping us make a difference today!

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