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Businde Natural Red Bourbon - Arvida Roasting Co.

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Businde Natural Red Bourbon - Arvida Roasting Co.

Welcome to our Coffee of the Month series, where we introduce you to unique and sustainable coffee varieties from around the world. This month, we are proud to feature Businde Natural Red Bourbon roasted by Arvida Roasting Co. It's a unique coffee from Burundi that showcases not only its outstanding flavor profile but also the positive impact of sustainable and ethical coffee practices in the region.

About Arvida Roasting Co

Arvida, pioneering specialty coffee microroaster in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region, focuses on promoting exceptional coffee through transparent and responsible sourcing, local processing, and maintaining the highest quality standards, enhanced by their roasting and sensory analysis expertise.

Origin of Businde

Located in the Kayanza District of Burundi, Businde is a coffee washing station that has been in operation for over 10 years. The station has won the prestigious Cup of Excellence and stands out from others by having its own plot of up-and-coming coffee plants. This is unique in Burundi and East Africa, where smallholder farmers typically sell their coffee cherries to washing stations.

Businde Natural Red Bourbon, lot 104, was harvested between May and July 2021 and comes from the dedicated work of 650 local farming families. The coffee washing station is situated in a region inhabited by the Twa community, one of the least populated and most marginalized ethnic groups in Rwanda and Burundi. Businde employs many members of this community, contributing to their livelihoods and helping reduce wealth inequality.

Sustainability Practices in Businde

Businde Station processes the cherries for over 650 local coffee farmers. Businde’s producers have received a premium 20% above the local market rate this season. As a station, Businde pays its staff almost 60% above the rate for casual labor in Burundi.

Additionally, Matraco distributes coffee pulp compost as fertilizer to assist nearby farmers and donates seedlings to their farms. Businde also has over 1,000 trees planted and harvested on its station land, further promoting sustainable practices.

Flavor Profile of the Natural Red Bourbon

Businde Natural Red Bourbon presents a distinctive flavor profile with notes of berries, apricot, and maple syrup. This naturally processed coffee undergoes a 32-day drying period on raised beds, closely monitored and adjusted to achieve optimal drying. The result is a coffee with a captivating aroma and well-balanced body. To bring out the best of this coffee's flavor profile, we recommend using brewing methods such as pour-over.

More information

Price Forward paid per kilogram: $8.30 USD FOB 
Process: Natural Red Bourbon
Producer: Zuberi Matsitsi of Matraco (Matsitsi Trading Co)
Total kilos purchased: 2880kg (48 x 60kg Box) 
Harvest date: May - July 2021
Fermentation: Natural process 
Drying time: 27 days on raised beds
Drying temperature: 30°C Max. - 16°C Min.  
Altitude: 1600 - 1750 masl
Region: Businde, Kayanza, Burundi

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