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Timemore Black Mirror Nano Review - The New Espresso Scale

0 commentPost by : Jasmin Tétreault
Timemore Black Mirror Nano Review - The New Espresso Scale

Timemore has gained notoriety for producing great and inexpensive coffee equipment, one of them being the Black Mirror coffee scale. Recently, they release an espresso-oriented version called the Black Mirror Nano. This new model shares resemblances with its predecessor but it also boasts unique characteristics that set it apart. In this review, we'll look into the advantages and disadvantages of this compact scale.

About Timemore

Timemore has established a strong reputation in the coffee industry due to their high-quality grinders such as the Chestnut C2, Slim Plus, and the newly launched Sculptor. The brand is renowned for its dedication to the art of coffee brewing, evident through their diverse range of coffee scales equipped with unique features to cater to different coffee preferences, regardless of one's expertise. The introduction of the Nano-scale grinder serves as a testament to Timemore's unwavering commitment to excellence.

Using the Timemore Black Mirror Nano

We've been using this scale on our mobile barista cart overall, I'm impressed with its performance. It provides accurate and quick readings in work use. Battery life has been great and it's easily rechargeable with USB-C. It worked just as great for espressos as for pour-overs


  • Compact size (10 x 11.5 x 2 cm, 230 g)
  • Angled display
  • Side buttons with sound feedback
  • USB-C charging system
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Different weighing modes: Standard, Pour Over, and Espresso
  • Improved design with metal parts

A New Design for the Black Mirror Nano

Compact Size

The Nano is specifically designed for espresso, making it more compact and versatile. Measuring just 10 x 11.5 x 2 cm, it fits perfectly on a drip tray and is incredibly lightweight at 230 g, making it an excellent option for those who like to travel.

Angled Display

The Nano scale boasts a unique characteristic in its angled display, setting it apart from other scales available in the market. This feature provides the convenience of using a larger carafe while still being able to view the display, which is a significant advantage.

Unlike its predecessor that was mostly composed of plastic, the Nano is equipped with metallic components, which is a commendable improvement that justifies its cost.

Side Buttons

The new design of the scale features buttons located on the side, this provides more surface area for larger objects like a carafe. The touch-style buttons lack tactile feedback instead it's replaced with sound feedback.

USB-C Charging

The scale is equipped with a USB-C charging system and has a long-lasting battery.

Different Weighing Modes

Standard Mode

This mode is simple and allows you to manually tare and start the timing feature

Pour Over Mode

The pour over mode adds an automatic timer that starts as soon as you begin pouring.

Espresso Mode

The espresso mode offers both auto-tare and auto-timer functions. With this mode, the scale will automatically tare when you place a cup on the platform. As soon as you start brewing by pressing the button on your espresso machine, the scale will sense the start of the brewing process and immediately initiate the timer.

Making Espresso

The best feature of the Black Mirror Nano is the Espresso Mode. The auto-tare function is a handy feature that eliminates the need for manual adjustments when positioning the scale and cup. It tares automatically, making the process more seamless.

When the shot is stopped, the auto-timer detects it quickly and concludes the time tracking. The display then flashes six times to show the final shot time and weight before resetting.

Improvements for the Nano V2

Bluetooth connectivity

Having Bluetooth connectivity and an accompanying app that displays a graph of the brewing process could make pour-over mode and flow rate measurement more useful.


What is the alternative to Timemore Black Mirror Nano?

The Acaia Pearl S is a well-liked substitute for the Timemore Black Mirror Nano. This scale presents comparable qualities such as being small and portable, containing a rechargeable battery, and having Bluetooth capabilities. It also includes modes that accommodate espresso and pour-over brewing, an interactive touch display, and automatic tare and timer functions.

What is the difference between Timemore Plus and Nano?

The Timemore Black Mirror Plus and Nano both serve as coffee scales, but they differ in size and features. The Timemore Black Mirror Plus is larger in size, making it a great option for those who like to brew larger carafes. It offers a range of features including the standard mode, pour over mode, and manual timer.

On the other hand, the Timemore Black Mirror Nano is designed for espresso specifically, making it a more compact and versatile option. It fits perfectly on a drip tray and is incredibly lightweight at 230 g. It also has a range of features, including the standard mode, pour over mode, and espresso mode, with auto-tare and auto-timer functions.

Is the Timemore Black Mirror Nano Worth it?

We are as excited to work with the Nano as were the first day. Its compact and espresso-oriented are a welcome touch in our workflow. We were impressed with its performance and found the espresso mode to be very useful. A possible improvement for a future version could be Bluetooth connectivity but at this price point it's definitely a great buy.

Timemore Black Mirror Nano Coffee Scale $135.00

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Timemore Black Mirror Nano Coffee Scale

Ready to make incredible espresso at home? The Black Mirror Nano scale is your new best friend. With auto-taring, auto-timing, and flow-rate tracking, it’s perfect for your espresso setup. Weighing under 250g and pocket-sized, it detects weights from 0.1g to 2kg, charges via USB-C, and has easy-to-use buttons and an on/off switch. Your journey to becoming a coffee expert starts here.