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Subminimal NanoFoamer V2 Review

0 commentPost by : Jasmin Tétreault
Subminimal NanoFoamer V2 Review

If you don't have an espresso machine or your current one isn't powerful enough, Subminimal has something for you! Achieving perfect milk foam was once reserved for those lucky enough to have a top-notch espresso machines but it's changing!

Subminimal introduced their NanoFoamer V2, and it's a game-changer that promises to make the seemingly elusive perfectly foamed milk an everyday pleasure, not a luxury. Time to uncover if this could be the secret ingredient to your espresso routine.

About Subminimal

 If you aren't familiar with Subminimal, they are company from Singapore that started on kickstarter and specialize in manufacturing coffee accessories for latte art. They are known for their minimalist products that are aesthetically pleasing while also delivering a great milk fothing. Some of their popular products include milk pitchers, themometers, and milk frothers.After identifying a gap in the market for milk frothers capable of producing microfoam like a real steam wand, the NanoFoamer was conceived.

Subminimal Nanofoamer V2

Making The Nanofoamer

The journey of the NanoFoamer began with Dominic's two-year pursuit of perfecting milk frothing. His objective? To create café-like milk, rejecting thick foam typical of conventional frothers. The innovative NanoFoamer piqued the interest of over 5800 backers on Kickstarter, raising over $385,000. With continued success, the Version 2 now available in two versions, including a lithium battery model.

Using The Nanofoamer

If you don't have an espresso machine, you have you resort to some unconventional techniques to froth your milk, one of them is to use a French press. Cheap milk frothers are not much better either. 

While a standard milk frother whips air into the milk, often resulting in a very frothy foam that doesn't blend with espresso and often separates. The technology used in the Nanofoamer involves spinning milk through fine mesh screens called NanoScreens, which divide air bubbles into microfoam for a velvet-like milk texture. It is equipped with two NanoScreens—superfine and fine, allowing for all kinds of froth levels, fitting for a Flat White, Latte, or Cappuccino.

Subminimal Nanofoamer Lithium

How Does It Perform?

Before making this review, I was certain the Nanofoamer was just another gadget and I was very wrong. The first thing I noticed was how balanced and low the vibration it was. It spins so easily and feels solid. After a couple of tries, it proved efficient in making a great microfoam texture. Much like a traditional steam wand, mastering the NanoFoamer requires some practice but it's definitely easier to master. The brand aids this process by providing clear instructional videos, outlining the steps from initial air introduction to the coveted vortex creation. 

It didn't take long and I was already making good latte art. To froth milk, it was pretty easy and involves a quick air introduction, just a matter of 5-10 seconds, followed by angling the wand to texture the milk and burst any large bubbles. The rewarding outcome was smooth milk, like paint, and the ability to pour patterns. It even worked with cold milk and adds a nice texture to your iced latte.

Nanofoamer v1 vs v2

They upgraded the screen that clips that go into the impeller. They made the impeller more durable and if the impeller breaks, you now have the convenience of replacing it. The motor housing is now made from stainless steel and the internal build quality has tighter tolerances.

The best upgrade has to be the switch. It's now an on/off clic instead of a toggle and even has 2 different speeds

Subminimal Nanofoamer Lithium


Designed to be waterproof, the Nanofoamer is extremely easy to clean. A mere rinse of the NanoScreen under water after use suffices. For optimal results, it's recommended to clean it immediately after use to avoid milk deposits clogging the fine mesh screens.


Using the Nanofoamer to froth your milk involves additional steps like milk heating and then foaming it. It's a bit of a drawback to heat the milk as milk pitchers don't go into the microwave. It's more complex than a normal espresso machine, but once you are used to it, it's work great!

Subminimal Nanofoamer V2


For the budget-conscious coffee lover, the Subminimal NanoFoamer is a robust choice. Creating latte art-quality microfoam was once a costly pursuit, but this portable and adaptable device has changed the game. It's the perfect partner for your manual espresso setup and can easily accompany you on your travels. Despite requiring some getting used to, it's an economical pathway to elevate your espresso experience and to unlock your brewing creativity.

Subminimal Nanofoamer V2 & Lithium - Milk Frother $55.00

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Subminimal Nanofoamer V2 & Lithium - Milk Frother

Step into a world of velvety smooth milk textures with the Subminimal Nanofoamer! In mere seconds, this wonderful tool lets you whip up high-quality microfoam, bringing the coffee shop experience straight into your kitchen. Plus, it comes with two easily interchangeable screens.