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Baratza Encore ESP Review - A Worthy Espresso Grinder?

0 commentPost by : Jasmin Tétreault
Baratza Encore ESP Review - A Worthy Espresso Grinder?

Baratza is a well-known name in the world of coffee grinders, their current Encore model is a favorite for filter coffee. The Encore ESP is  Baratza's next step in entry-level espresso. Promising precise grind and durability, the Baratza Encore ESP will be a great choice for those wanting to get serious about their coffee.

What's new on the Baratza Encore ESP

The Baratza Encore espresso grinder excels in the market due to an array of impressive features that enhance performance, user experience, and durability, placing it ahead of its competitors for it's price point.

  • 40 grind settings: With 20 settings dedicated to espresso and 20 to filter coffee, you have complete control over the grind size of your coffee beans.
  • Conical burrs: Operating at 550 rpm, the 40 mm M2 conical burrs in the Encore ESP are engineered for grind consistency and reduced heat buildup.
  • New Metal Top Plate: Holding the top burr is a new metal plate to improve on stability and grind consistency.
  • Dosing cup and adapter: The 54mm dosing cup (and included 58mm adapter ring) make it easy to transfer grounds directly into a portafilter for less mess and an even distribution that's ready to tamp

A new adjustment system.

This is where the innovation comes in and an it's exciting. The Baratza uses a different adjustments speeds depending on the grind range. This means that in the espresso range, from 1-20, each step moves the burrs 9 microns. After adjustments 20, the threads change and each steps becomes larger. From 20 to 40, the burrs move 45 microns at each step. This is very exciting because it lets you dial in finely for espresso. For pour over, the extra fine resolution isn't needed.

Dosing Cup and Adapter

The dosing cup and adapter included with the Baratza Encore ESP are a convenient and effective way to ensure a mess-free transfer of ground coffee into your portafilter. The 54mm dosing cup and 58mm adapter ring make it easy to dispense the right amount of grounds into the portafilter.

M2 Conical Burrs

Equipped with Etzinger 40mm M2 steel conical burrs, the Baratza Encore ESP delivers precise grinds for espresso and other brewing methods, ensuring lasting performance and coffee perfection.

Pros & Cons of the Encore ESP


  • Grinding performance for espresso and pour-over
  • Etzinger conical burrs
  • Metal top burr plate
  • Unmatched at this price point
  • Great customer service (from Baratza & Café Fabrique)


  • Some retention
  • Slightly noisy


To maintain your Baratza ESP is the best condition, we suggest to clean the burrs every once in a while. To do this, you need to remove the hopper and the rubber seal. You can the pull the top burr out and unscrew the conical burr (it's reverse thread). Then you can take the brush and remove the coffee stuck on the burrs.

Baratza Encore ESP Single Dosing

Although there is some retention in the grinder, there are mods available to modify the grinder. The one we suggest is the single dose hopper. The bellows will push ou the remaining grounds and make it easy to single dose.

Durability and Longterm Use

Durability and long-term use are strong points for the Baratza Encore ESP, thanks to its thoughtful design that includes high-quality materials where it matters most. With regular maintenance, such as cleaning the burrs and handling the device carefully, users report that the grinder maintains its performance well over time. This blend of affordability and reliability makes the Encore ESP a wise choice for coffee enthusiasts looking for a grinder that will consistently deliver without the need for frequent replacements.

Baratza Encore ESP vs Fellow Opus

When purchasing a grinder for espresso, we highly recommend the Baratza Encore ESP over the Fellow Opus for its ease of dialing in and outstanding customer service provided by the Baratza team. Although both grinders can produce similar coffee quality when properly dialed in, the Baratza Encore ESP's user-friendly features make it the preferred choice for espresso enthusiasts.

Final Thoughts

The Baratza Encore ESP, is sure to become the choice for espresso enthusiasts. Delivers consistent and precise grinds in a user-friendly design, adjustable grind settings, and durable construction. Designed to revolutionize the entry lever grinder market, don't miss its release and begin enjoying the perfect cup of coffee with the Baratza Encore ESP grinder.


How loud is Encore ESP?

The Baratza Encore ESP operates at a noise level of approximately 80.5 decibels, which is noticeable but acceptable within its price range. Its noise level is comparative to many home appliances and is considered tolerable for residential use. However, potential users should be aware of this aspect, especially those who value a quiet morning coffee routine or live in environments where minimizing noise is crucial.

Baratza Encore ESP - Coffee Grinder $280.00

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Baratza Encore ESP - Coffee Grinder

With simple, intuitive controls and a high-resolution grind range from #1-20, dialing in the perfect shot is easy with the Encore ESP. Inside, the durable metal adjustment system offers consistent, precise grinding, and the 40mm M2 conical burr features a quick release for easy cleanup and maintenance. The Encore ESP includes a 54mm anti-static dosing cup with a 58mm adapter for larger portafilters.