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Ascaso Steel Uno PID V4 Review

0 commentPost by : Jasmin Tétreault
Ascaso Steel Uno PID V4 Review

As an espresso machine enthusiast, I've had the opportunity to try a number of machines. On of the brands that stand out for its style is Ascaso. In the mid-range market, they offer different options, and the Steel Uno PID stands out. The Steel Uno is their latest addition to the prosumer category. The burning question is: does this machine truly deliver on its promise of excellence?

Design and Features of the Ascaso Steel Uno PID V4

Stainless Steel Construction

The Steel Uno's case design presents a contrast to the rounded lines of the Dream series. Its boxy construction retains a sense of style, complemented by well-placed pressure gauges, three color options, and straight lines, creating a modern visual appeal.

Featuring solid construction, stainless steel casing, and true walnut accents, this machine goes beyond aesthetics. It provides a pleasant tactile experience with its weighty, high-end feel. Among stainless steel machines in its price range, it holds its own.

Adjustable PID Temperature Control

Using the conveniently located controls on the machine's face, you can easily set the PID-controlled temperatures. This not only ensures temperature stability but also gives you full control over the extraction process, allowing you to customize your espresso shot according to your taste preferences.

Adjustable OPV Valve

One surprising feature of this machine is its adjustable OPV, which enables you to modify the brew pressure. The external screw allows for easy adjustment, providing budding espresso hobbyists with a new parameter to fine-tune their machines.

Cool Touch Steam Wand

To achieve the perfect cup of espresso, a high-quality steam wand is essential. However, traditional metal steam wands can be a burn hazard. The cool touch steam wands ensure safety and comfort during the steaming process.

Programable Pre-infusion

The Ascaso Steel Uno stands out in this price range with its feature of programmable pre-infusion which can be programmed up to 5 secondsw. By allowing users to regulate the initial water saturation of coffee grounds, it ensures a controlled and uniform extraction process. This precise control reduces the risk of channeling, resulting in a well-balanced flavor profile enriched with heightened sweetness, acidity, and body.

Brewing Performance

Fast Heating and Temperature Stability

Ascaso features a single thermoblock boiler with fast heat-up of around 8 min and reliable temperature consistency throughout the brewing process. In terms of shot performance, this machine truly shines in its price range, delivering exceptional espresso. Thanks to PID-controlled temps and conveniently placed on-machine controls, you have complete command over the temperature.

Steaming Capability

Due to its unique single boiler design, it becomes necessary to manage the temperatures specifically for steaming. Although the steam performance stands out, some users might encounter difficulties in adjusting temperatures for steaming and brewing concurrently. For those concerned about this, we recommend considering an upgrade to a heat exchanger or dual boiler machine. Despite these considerations, the steam performance consistently proves to be impressive.

Ease of Use

Intuitive User Interface

The Ascaso Steel Uno PID V4 boasts an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it a breeze to operate for both experienced baristas and coffee enthusiasts alike. Its simple and straightforward controls ensure that you can quickly whip up your favorite espresso shots with ease. The manometer shows the brew pressure and the display shows the temperature as well as the brew time.

Side Water Reservoir

The Ascaso Steel Uno PID V4 espresso machine stands out from other models with its Side Water Reservoir. This innovative feature allows for easy access and monitoring of the water level, making it a breeze to refill.


For those seeking an espresso machine that marries a professional consumer experience with top-tier performance, the Steel Uno is a viable option. This unit presents a fusion of elegant design, practical functionality, and progressive features. However, should your coffee-making process require the function of concurrent brewing and steaming, it would be advantageous to investigate the Steel Duo.

Ascaso Steel UNO V4 PID - Espresso Machine $1,845.00

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