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The 6 Best AeroPress Accessories

0 commentPost by : Jasmin Tétreault
The 6 Best AeroPress Accessories

Coffee enthusiasts know that the AeroPress is a remarkable brewing tool, versatile, and loved for its ability to produce a delicious cup of coffee that rivals even the most advanced machines. However, to improve your AeroPress even further, incorporating the right accessories can transform a great brewing experience into an extraordinary one. Here are the best AeroPress accessories that every coffee lover should consider.

Fellow Prismo

The Fellow Prismo is a game-changer for AeroPress users seeking to extract espresso-like shots. This pressure-actuated valve attaches directly to the AeroPress, allowing for a build-up of pressure to create a shot with more intensity, although still not technically espresso.

The Fellow Prismo also features a no-drip seal, which means you can steep your coffee for longer without worrying about leaks. Alternatively, Aeropress came out with the AeroPress Flow Control Filter Cap which is similar.

Aeropress Organizer

Aeropress Organizer

The best way to keep your Aeropres setup clean is to use an organizer. This Aeropress storage can hold your press (original, clear & Xl), the stirrer, the filter cap, and filters. This keeps your AeroPress and all the accessories in one space to make it clutter-free!

AeroPress Stainless Steel Filter

Sustainability meets practicality with the AeroPress Stainless Steel Reusable Filter. This eco-friendly option not only reduces waste by eliminating the need for disposable paper filters but also allows more oils and a fuller body to pass through, enhancing the overall taste of your coffee. It's an essential accessory for those looking to make their coffee brewing process more sustainable without compromising on quality.

Aeropress stainless steel filter

Aesir Filters

For those valuing clarity in their coffee, Aesir Filters emerge as the superior choice. Their enhanced thickness over traditional Aeropress filters ensures a cup that’s not only cleaner but also significantly less bitter, with minimal sediment. This design choice effectively trapsthe coffee’s essential oils, allowing for a fuller taste of its rich flavors.


A quality carafe is indispensable for AeroPress users who enjoy sharing or making multiple cups of coffee at once. Look for a carafe that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also made from durable materials like borosilicate glass or stainless steel. A good carafe should fit snugly under your AeroPress, making it easier to brew directly into it and serve multiple cups of coffee effortlessly.

Third Wave Water

Third Wave Water

The key to the perfect cup of coffee lies in water quality. Third Wave Water offers a simple solution to optimizing your brewing water. Its mineral additive fine-tunes the water's pH and enriches it with minerals beloved by coffee beans, ensuring each AeroPress coffee cup is consistently delightful.

Incorporating these accessories into your AeroPress brewing routine can significantly enhance the quality, taste, and overall experience of your coffee. Whether you're a seasoned barista or a home brewing enthusiast, these accessories are sure to elevate your coffee game.

AeroPress Flow Control Filter Cap $35.00

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AeroPress Flow Control Filter Cap

Enhance your brewing process with the AeroPress Flow Control Filter Cap specifically designed for the AeroPress. Its pressure-actuated valve effectively stops dripping, ensuring you get a clean brew every time. It fits the AeroPress Original, Go, and Clear models, and accommodates both metal and paper filters.