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Fellow Monty Cup Review - The Perfect Stackable Cup?

0 commentPost by : Louis-Charles Blais
Fellow Monty Cup Review - The Perfect Stackable Cup?

Hello demanding, detail-oriented coffee lovers! We're diving into the Fellow Monty Mug, a piece of ceramic art designed to enhance your coffee experience.

The Beauty of Ceramic

Let's start with the basics: the cup's ceramic, which gives it a smooth, matte surface. This simplicity enhances the coffee itself, adding a touch of elegance to everyday life. The choice of several sizes also means there's a cup to suit every morning coffee. In addition to offering 2 choices of ceramic colors and a copper or granite finish on the base, this mug will blend harmoniously into any kitchen.

Four Sizes for Every Coffee

The Monty Milk Art Cups come in four sizes: Latte (11 oz), Cappuccino (6.5 oz), Cortado (4.5 oz), and Espresso (3.0 oz), designed to perfect your favorite coffee rituals. From a comforting latte to a robust espresso, each cup enhances the drink's unique qualities.

Fellow Minty Cup Set

The Parabolic Base

Also, a coffee mug wouldn't be complete without a parabolic base. Not only does this add a certain aesthetic touch, but this design delicately elevates the crema to the surface of your espresso, creating an ideal canvas for latte art lovers. This allows you to combine the visual experience with the pleasure of tasting.

Double-Walled Design

What's more, the Monty cup features a double-wall design which, in addition to being a matter of style, adds an interesting functionality. This design provides thermal insulation that maintains the heat of your beverage without transmitting it to your hands. A touch of comfort that makes every caffeinated moment more enjoyable.

Space-Saving and Stackable

For those who like to keep things tidy, these cups can easily be stacked, optimizing space in your kitchen cupboards. This clever feature allows for practical organization while preserving the aesthetics of your coffee space. A simple solution for those who value everyday efficiency.

Fellow Monty Cup Cappuccino

Care Instructions - Preserving Your Monty Mug

It should be noted, however, that the Monty mug is not dishwasher-safe. It requires hand-washing to preserve it longer. Although this requires a little extra effort, the price is well worth it!


In conclusion, the Monty Mug from Fellow embodies a subtle balance between elegance and practicality. Every detail has been meticulously thought out to enhance your daily caffeinated experience. If you're looking for a mug that goes beyond the ordinary to elevate your caffeine ritual, the Monty Mug could well be the perfect choice.

Fellow Monty Cappuccino Milk Art Cup - (6.5oz/192ml) $27.00

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Fellow Monty Cappuccino Milk Art Cup - (6.5oz/192ml)

Meet the Fellow Monty Cappuccino Cup, a sleek double-wall ceramic cup for beautiful espresso drinks. The hidden parabolic slope lifts crema to the top without disruption for perfect latte art. Dual wall ceramic to keep your coffee hotter for longer while the sleek metal bottom is a little nod to the classic Joey mug.