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DF83 V2 Coffee Grinder Review

0 commentPost by : Jasmin Tétreault
DF83 V2 Coffee Grinder Review

The DF83 has been out for a while now but just came out V2 and introduces new features. Following the success of the DF64, it was only a matter of time before they made an even larger version. I've used it for a couple of weeks now and will tell you my thoughts on the grinder as well as show you the new features for the 2nd version.

Introduction to the DF83

For most coffee enthusiasts interested in the DF83, the DF64 is like it's younger sibling. Introduced in 2021, the DF64 garnered significant appeal as an affordable alternative to the Niche Zero. However, DF64 users encountered various quirks and issues. With a few modifications, the DF64 had the potential to be an exceptional grinder, especially when paired with SSP burrs.

DF83 V2 Upgrades

Upgraded and Improved Features

  • New de-clumper design
  • Ion generator
  • Metal dosing cup

Features of the DF83

The DF83 is like the evolution to the DF64 and surpassing it in many ways. It has a more premium feel and overall better performance. This is due to the massive 550w motor, large 83mm burrs and the ion generator to eliminate static.

Metal Body

With its anodized aluminum body, the DF83 feels solid. It uses the same reliable adjustment dial of the DF64 but with an enhanced wave spring washer ensuring optimal top burr stability. What's more, it even includes a wooden bellows top, providing added value to your investment.

Big 550W Motor

New in the DF83 grinder is an incredibly powerful 550W motor, a motor more powerful than grinders under $1000 and many in the $1500 range. Compared to the DF64 with its 250W motor and the Fellow Ode with a mere 140W, the DF83's motor strength defies its price.

Even when compared to high-end commercial grinders like the Mahlkonig EK43 (770W motor) which has much bigger 98mm burrs, the DF83 proves its capability and value. It effortlessly handles light or dense beans.

83mm Flat Burrs

The DF83 earns its name from the 83mm burrs within it that grinds at an astonishingly rapid pace. While the burrs themselves may not be extraordinary, DF83 owners can attest in the ease of swapping burr sets. Many DF83 owners get SSP burrs, resulting in a clearer cup compared to the standard Italmill 64mm.

Ion Beam - Anti Static

Static was the main drawback in the previous model—it led to coffee grounds sticking to various parts, creating a messy experience. Users even had to dampen the beans prior to grinding. In response to these complaints, the DF83 was changed. The inclusion of anti-static technology at the chute's end was the major improvement, helping to lessen retention and maintain a cleaner grinder.

How does the DF83 perform?

Grind Consistency & Grind Retention

In my experience, the DF83 has been nothing short of a pleasure to use. It grinds coffee with an even consistency and results in an even spread of particles, optimizing your coffee's flavor. A quick sifter test revealed an impressively low quantity of fines.

Thanks to its 83mm burrs, the grinder works swiftly. The included bellows help minimize retention. An initial retention of 0.6 grams was observed, likely due to the newness of the burrs and particles getting stuck. But with further use, I anticipate a mere 0.1 to 0.2 grams of retention.

Pros and Cons



  • Consistent and precise grinds
  • Powerful Motor
  • Minimal grind retention
  • Price to performance is unmatched
  • Upgradable burrs


  • Slightly larger size, making it difficult to store in small kitchens.
  • Very heavy

    SSP Burr Upgrade

    One of the best features of the DF83 is its ability to be upgraded. Equipped with 83mm burrs, they are easily replaceable with any other 83mm burrs, including SSP and Mazzer. This allows for a greater range of grind options and styles. You can choose to focus on pour-over and go with the SSP brew burrs or only for espresso with another kind of burrs.

    Is It Worth It?

    The DF83 offers unmatched value in the grinder market, performing better than more expensive rivals. This grinder's grind quality, minimal coffee retention, and price point make it stand out. Its precision in grinding and upgradability, appeal to espresso enthusiasts and pour-over fans alike. If the DF83 fits your budget, you will be rewarded with a better coffee experience daily. It is, without question, the top grinder under $1000.

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    Featured in this article

    DF83 V2 ELR - Single Dose Coffee Grinder

    Introducing the DF83, from the creators of the DF64 grinder. This cutting-edge machine combines 83mm Italian-made burrs with a powerful 550W motor, ensuring consistent, clump-free grinding. With its new design burr chamber and wave spring washer, the DF83 offers easy alignment and minimal retention.