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The 4 Best Eureka Mignon Mods

0 commentPost by : Jasmin Tétreault
The 4 Best Eureka Mignon Mods

For those aiming to upgrade their Mignon grinder, this article provides the essential mods to significantly improve your coffee brewing.

Single Dose Hopper

A single-dose hopper is designed for those who value precision grinding and fresh coffee with each brew. It allows for grinding just the right amount of beans, minimizing waste and ensuring coffee is always made from freshly ground beans. Additionally, the bellows help you push out the remaining grounds stuck in the grinder chute.

This modification is crucial for those who appreciate coffee's subtle flavors and want the flexibility to switch between bean types without emptying a large hopper, enhancing the coffee-tasting experience.

Incline Stand

The incline stand mod is a simple yet effective way to improve the ergonomics and functionality of your Eureka Mignon. By tilting the grinder at a slight angle, this stand aids in reducing retention and improving the flow of ground coffee directly into a container. The tray also helps contain the coffee grounds that fly out. An incline stand can make a noticeable difference in your daily coffee grinding routine, combining convenience with efficiency.

Burr Alignment

Burr alignment is crucial for achieving a uniform grind size, which in turn affects the extraction quality and taste of your coffee. It's a must-do on any grinder as a misaligned grinder can produce inconsistent grind sizes, leading to difficulty in dialing in.

Modifying your Eureka Mignon to ensure precise burr alignment can significantly enhance the consistency of your grind, giving you control over the extraction and ultimately, the flavor profile of your coffee. This modification may require some technical know-how, but the improvement in coffee quality is well worth the effort.

Sound Isolation

The Eureka Mignon, renowned for its quiet operation, can achieve an even quieter grind through sound isolation enhancements. By inserting damping materials into the grinder's body or placing it on a sound-dampening mat, noise can be substantially lowered. This modification, which involves simple steps like removing the top and applying insulating pads inside, effectively minimizes sound, making it ideal for home use.


Modifying your Eureka Mignon with specific upgrades can significantly improve your coffee grinding process. A single dose hopper ensures fresh grinds, while burr alignment achieves grinding precision. Mods like sound isolation and an incline stand enhance usability and efficiency, respectively, providing a tailored enhancement to match the sophistication of your coffee brewing preferences.

Eureka Mignon Single Dose Hopper with Bellows $56.00

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