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FELLOW Atmos Vacuum Canister - Coffee Storage

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Say goodbye to stale coffee! Atmos is here with its vacuum pump, removing air and moisture for up to a 50% extended shelf life. Enjoy your favorite beans in their full potential as this device locks out oxygen that can rob the brew of flavor.



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Keep your coffee fresh

Say goodbye to stale coffee! Atmos is here with its vacuum pump, banishing air and moisture for up to a 50% extended shelf life. Enjoy your favorite beans in their full potential as this device locks out oxygen that can rob the brew of flavor. Plus choose from Clear Glass or upgrade to Matte Black or White stainless steel options for more protection against sunlight's unwelcome kiss on freshness.

Integrated vacuum pump

With our integrated vacuum pump, you can keep your beans fresh! Simply twist the lid back and forth to create a powerful seal that removes air from your container. The indicator will drop when the vacuum is securely locked in place – keeping its contents unaffected by oxidation or other factors like odor and moisture.

Unlock the possibilities of your Atmos with a simple press! This revolutionary storage container keeps out air and moisture so all kinds of snacks stay fresher for longer. Be adventurous — why not keep cereal, nuts, or cookies in there?

Degasing after roast

Depending on how recently it was roasted, what type of bean or roast you're using - as well as other factors - gas levels can decrease over time & cause the seal to loosen unless replenished within 3-4 days.

What kind of container is best for storing coffee?

To make coffee beans last longer, the best way is to store coffee in a vacuum canister. These convenient containers create a perfect seal and reduce air exposure, which helps preserve the potency of your coffee and also keeps out moisture

Are coffee vacuum canisters worth it?

Yes, Are coffee vacuum canisters worth it. Keeping your coffee beans fresh is essential for enjoying their full flavor, and the Fellow Atmos Vacuum Canister makes that possible! It can make your coffee last 50% longer. Using this sleek kitchen accessory ensures your favorite roast stays just right - with no oxygen exposure included!

Available in different sizes

There are three size options, 0.4, 0.7, and 1.2 liters; two choices for material, borosilicate glass or stainless steel; and two colors available, matte black and matte white.

One drawback to note is that our tester said the lid isn't the easiest to clean, as Fellow advises against rinsing it under running water. The canister is also a tad pricier than many similarly sized alternatives, but the cost is worth it in the end for fresher, tastier coffee.

  • Choose between three colours (Clear Glass, Matte Black or Matte White) and three sizes:
    • 400ml canister holds up to 170g (6oz) of coffee beans
    • 700ml canister holds up to 280g (10oz) of coffee beans
    • 1.2L canister holds up to 450g (16oz) of coffee beans
  • Do not place Atmos upside down while storing content inside. Refrain from putting fine powder inside: flour, finely ground coffee, etc. This may cause clogging of the vacuum lid.
  • Not dishwasher safe, hand wash only

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