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The 5 Best EK43 Mods - Upgrade Your Mahlkonig Grinder

0 commentPost by : Jasmin Tétreault
The 5 Best EK43 Mods - Upgrade Your Mahlkonig Grinder

The Mahlkönig EK43 is celebrated for its grind quality and versatility but isn't without its shortcomings, particularly when it comes to cleanliness and single-dose efficiency. Out of the box, the EK43 can be quite messy, with grind retention and spillage being common issues. Moreover, its design, originally intended for high-volume grinding, makes it less than ideal for those who prefer the precision of single-dose grinding.

However, the beauty of the EK43 lies in its potential for customization. Through strategic modifications, it's possible to significantly upgrade both the workflow and the grind quality, transforming the EK43 into a grinder that's not only more efficient but also more aligned with the needs of specialty coffee enthusiasts and professionals. Here’s a look at the top mods to enhance your EK43 experience.

EK43 Single Dose Hopper

The standard hopper of the EK43 is designed for high-volume use, making it less than ideal for home users or those who prefer to grind on demand. Switching to a single-dose hopper with bellows addresses this by allowing for more precise dosing, reducing waste, and ensuring fresher coffee with every brew. A single-dose hopper also improves workflow efficiency and is a must-have for those looking to maximize the potential of their EK43.

98mm SSP Burrs

One of the most impactful upgrades for the EK43 is the installation of SSP burrs, which are renowned for their precision and ability to transform grind quality. Unlike the standard burrs that come with the EK43, SSP offers several versions of their 98mm burrs, each designed for different uses and preferences. Whether your focus is on espresso, filter coffee, or even cupping, there's an SSP burr set tailored to your needs.

  • High-UniformityHigh-Uniformity burrs are specifically engineered for grinding single-dose and lighter roasted espresso, featuring a bimodal particle size distribution that optimizes for high-yield extractions. This technology ensures a noticeably clean profile in the cup, catering to those who highly value precision and clarity in their espresso.

  • Low Uniformity: Designed for high-volume coffee shops and versatile grinding needs, Low Uniformity burrs feature a bimodal particle size distribution. While offering slightly less uniformity, they excel in producing traditional-style espresso and accommodate a broad range of roast degrees, enhancing brewing complexity.

  • Ultra-Low Fines: Specifically designed for brewing, cupping, and batch grinding, the Ultra-Low Fines burrs boast a unimodal particle size distribution that minimizes fines production. While not recommended for espresso, this version excels in filter coffee grinding, emphasizing the utmost clarity of flavor.

Burr Alignment

Perfect burr alignment is critical for achieving the most uniform grind. Even slight misalignments can lead to inconsistent grind sizes, affecting the quality of your brew. Fortunately, burr alignment mods can help. By ensuring that the burrs are perfectly aligned, you can achieve a more consistent grind, enhancing extraction and flavor.

This modification requires precision and patience but is well worth the effort for the discernible improvement in grind quality. There are cheaper ways to align your EK43 like the sandpaper method and more expensive like the Titus Alignment Tool

Titus Grinding Burr Carrier Mod

The Titus Burr Carrier Mod is designed to address the inherent alignment issues in the EK43. By replacing the standard burr carrier with a precision-engineered alternative from Titus Grinding, this mod allows for finer control over burr alignment. The result is a significant reduction in grind size variation, leading to a more consistent and predictable extraction. For those serious about achieving the best possible performance from their EK43, the Titus Carrier Mod is an essential upgrade.

Magnetic Grind Tumbler by Grafikus Coffeetec

The Magnetic Grind Tumbler for the EK43 and EK43s is a game-changing addition from Grafikus Coffeetec. This innovative mod addresses a common pain point for many users: the mess and hassle associated with transferring grounds. By utilizing a magnetic connection, this tumbler securely attaches to the grinder, ensuring a seamless and spill-free transfer of coffee grounds.

The integration of the Magnetic Grind Tumbler V2 into your EK43 or EK43s setup significantly elevates the user experience by simplifying and enhancing the grinding process. Its thoughtful design not only makes routine grinding tasks more enjoyable but also complements and enhances the exceptional capabilities of the EK43 series grinders.


Upgrading your EK43 with these mods not only enhances its performance but also personalizes the grinding experience to your preferences. From precision dosing and burr customization to alignment perfection, and now, with the addition of the Magnetic Grind Tumbler by Grafikus Coffeetec, the EK43’s capabilities are virtually limitless. Each mod represents a step forward in the quest for the perfect grind, pushing the boundaries of coffee excellence.

Mahlkonig EK43 Single Dose Hopper with Silicone Bellows $56.00

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