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How to Make an Americano - Recipe

0 commentPost by : Jess Palmer
How to Make an Americano - Recipe

What is an Americano?

If you like your coffee simple but full of flavor, the Americano could be for you.  Lacking the intensity of straight espresso, this diluted version offers a more nuanced experience, bridging the gap between espresso and filter coffee.

The origin of the Americano

During World War II, the American soldiers stationed in Italy found a way to make the Italian’s usual espresso taste more like the drip coffee they were accustomed to back home.  By adding a small amount of water, they were able to enjoy the complex flavors of espresso in a more palatable way. Caffé Americano literally translates to ‘American coffee.’

Americano recipe

The ratio of espresso to water depends entirely on your own preference, but ordinarily an Americano will be served at a ratio of 1 part espresso to 2-4 parts hot water.

How to make an Americano:

  • Grind enough coffee for a double espresso.
  • Extract a double espresso shot into a mug or cup
  • Top the espresso up with as much hot water as you desire.
  • Adding milk, cream or sugar is optional.
  • Points to note:

  • Americanos can be served in a range of sizes. This usually means that extra hot water is added; the amount of espresso stays the same.
  • Americanos and long blacks are often interchangeable on coffee shop menus – see below for an explanation.
  • FAQs

    Do you put milk in an americano?

    If that’s how you prefer to drink your coffee, of course!

    Is an Americano healthy?

    The all-round health benefits of coffee are well documented. And, as coffee goes, an Americano is one of the healthiest ways to consume it.  Americanos, especially enjoyed black, contain all the antioxidants and nutrients present in coffee beans, without the added calories of milk or sugary syrups.

    Is an Americano stronger than regular coffee?

    An Americano is espresso based, usually made with a double espresso.  So in terms of caffeine content, it’s very similar to a latte or even a cortado.  It will likely taste quite strong, since the water will dilute the espresso, but not really alter the taste.  While espresso-based drinks with milk will be mellowed by the sweetness and flavor of the milk.

    In comparison to filter coffee, Americanos are similar, if slightly weaker (in terms of caffeine content) so the choice really comes down to personal preference.

    What’s the difference between an Americano and a long black?

    If we’re talking about their ingredients; nothing at all.  Generally speaking, a long black tends to contain more water, created a more diluted taste. Though technically they are different drinks in the way they are prepared and there are some subtle differences in taste too. 

    Traditionally an Americano would have been served as a double espresso with a separate jug of hot water for the drinker to dilute to taste. Nowadays this is almost never practiced, and an Americano is served by pouring hot water on top of the extracted espresso.

    Conversely a long black is prepared by pouring espresso into a cup of hot water.  Some baristas will assert that results in subtle differences in flavor, but we’ll leave you to experiment with this yourself.

    What’s the best type of coffee to use for an Americano?

    Any good espresso coffee can be used for an Americano.  The joy is that you will be able to enjoy all the complexities and breadth of flavor, especially if you drink it black.

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