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Magnetic Dosing Funnel - Espresso Portafilter Ring

29.00 $

Tired of coffee grounds going everywhere while you are grinding or distributing your coffee? This aluminum funnel will make it easier to keep it in your portafilter!

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Tired of coffee grounds going everywhere while you are grinding or distributing your coffee? This dosing ring will make it easier to keep your countertops clean and get all of that sweet coffee in your cup.


The Cafe Fabrique espresso dosing funnel is designed to reduce coffee spills. The 6 magnets sticks to of the portafilter basket. The added height make it easy to distribute the coffee.


Suitable for

Designed to work with 51, 53 and 58mm portafilter baskets, so you can use it no matter what kind of espresso machine you have.

Minimal wastage when dosing process

Facilitates your grinds into your portafilter accurately and without a mess.

Sits Steadily

This funnel has 6 small magnets points providing fast and stable installation.

Weiss Distribution Technique 

This funnel works perfectly with a WDT tool to break up clumps in your grinds - so you'll always have the perfect consistency for a rich, delicious cup of espresso.

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