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FLAIR 58x - Lever Espresso Maker
FLAIR 58x - Lever Espresso Maker - Image 1 FLAIR 58x - Lever Espresso Maker - Image 2 FLAIR 58x - Lever Espresso Maker - Image 3 FLAIR 58x - Lever Espresso Maker - Image 4 FLAIR 58x - Lever Espresso Maker - Image 5 FLAIR 58x - Lever Espresso Maker - Image 6 FLAIR 58x - Lever Espresso Maker - Image 7 FLAIR 58x - Lever Espresso Maker - Image 8

FLAIR 58x - Lever Espresso Maker

$630.00 CAD

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Flair 58x is revolutionizing the espresso experience at home with its professional grade, fully-manual lever press. It boasts an industry standard portafilter plus extra robust frame & lever – promising superior extractions. This is the non-electric model.

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Flair 58x Espresso Maker

With the Flair 58x, you can craft professional-level espresso creations with ease – right in your own kitchen. This non-electric model comes complete with a state-of-the art standard portafilter and an advanced frame plus lever for extra pressure power during extraction. For optimal thermal management all you have to do is preheat thanks to its open preheat cap! Much of the work on this machine has been done for customers who want seamless workflow: no more worrying about removing stems when adding water, as it features a valve plunger that includes its very own puck screen!

What new in this edition

  • Detachable Preheat Cable: The Flair 58x now comes as “Electric Enabled,” meaning all wiring for electric preheat will be present in the brew head they receive. To upgrade, you will simply need to purchase the Preheat Controller System Kit.
  • Mirror Upgrade Enabled: The Flair 58x now features a stainless steel disc that has been embedded into the post of the lever assembly. This disc allows any Flair 58x buyer to upgrade to the magnetic, articulating shot mirror and add it to their setup with ease.
  • Enhanced Valve Plunger with Single Slot: Enhanced plunger with a single slot instead of dual slot); providing an improved valve function when filling the brew cylinder and a reduced potential for the stem to raise from the plunger when stem tabs fall into alignment with the smaller single slot.

Features of the 58

  • Fully Manual
  • Professional Grade 58mm Portafilter
  • Enhanced Usability
  • Elegant Finishes

Pressure gauge

Get the perfect brew, every time! The 58 packs all-new enhancements like a pressure gauge for precision and expandable brewing ratios to keep up with your ever-changing tastes. Plus, enjoy an unmistakably premium experience thanks to stainless steel components – from the two-piece drip tray down through the stylish head of this amazingly powerful brewer.

Different Baskets

The Flair 58 comes available in two variations that customers can choose between:

  • The base model with our chamfered, low-flow 18 gram basket
  • The additional basket model that includes an additional straight walled high-flow 18 gram basket

The low-flow 18g basket is a valuable addition to a home brewer's kit, designed for a dose range of 16-22g. In comparison to the Flair 58's standard straight-walled basket, it enables a simpler dial-in process by allowing coarser grinds for proper extractions, thus broadening compatibility with an array of grinders.

Professional Espresso Extraction

The 58 was designed to give the best manual espresso brewing experience that Flair has to offer. With a larger capacity cylinder and larger 58mm portafilter, you can control your brew ratios with ease to ensure your espresso is brewed exactly the way you want it.

A stainless steel portafilter allows for naked or spouted brewing, and the custom pressure gauge ensures precise extractions.

Striking Design

Showcase your contemporary taste with the Flair 58, featuring a sleek monochromatic design that adds a touch of elegance without being ostentatious. Coupled with its high-performance capabilities, you can always expect top-quality results from your espresso.

     Brew Head Flair 58
    Dimensions 20 × 14 × 6 in
    Weight 12lbs
    Reservoir capacity 90ml
    Portafilter diameter 58mm
    Max output 55ml
    Dose 16-20g






    • Flair 58 espresso maker post, base and lever
    • Flair 58 Brew Head with Valve Plunger
    • Puck Screen
    • Flair 58 Pressure Gauge with Stainless Steel Stem
    • 58 mm Portafilter and 16-22 gram basket
    • 58 mm Tamper
    • Flair 58 Preheat Cap
    • Flair 58 Drip Tray
    • Flair 58 Brewhead funnel

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    Flair 58 Hard Travel Case $118.00

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    Flair 58 Hard Travel Case

    The Hard Travel Case for your Flair 58 series is the perfect travel companion. It's lockable, watertight, and crafted with three layers of foam for maximum protection, ensuring your espresso maker remains safe from dust, dings, and damage wherever you go.

    Compatible with Flair 58, 58x and 58+ espresso makers.

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