Ascaso Baby T Plus - Espresso Machine

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The Baby T Plus is a compact machine developed from Ascaso's commercial Barista T model, offering top-notch coffee extraction quality with full PID control for both coffee and steam, exceptional thermal stability, and energy efficiency. It's suitable for use in various locations, from coffee shops to homes.



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Ascaso Baby T Plus Overview

The Baby T espresso machine is a product of Ascaso's Barista T commercial model. It features the same advanced technology and functions as its larger counterpart, but with a compact size of only 35 cm. This allows for top-notch coffee extraction in various settings, including coffee shops, food trucks, offices, boutiques, and homes.

This 100% professional machine boasts full PID control for both coffee and steam, ensuring exceptional thermal stability and energy efficiency. It introduces a fresh concept and innovative technology, customized to suit the current reality of professional espresso and cappuccino making at cafes or even at home.

Please note that for home use this machine is designed for modern kitchens and requires a 20 amp NEMA 5-20 receptacle.


  • Independent steam boiler. Stainless steel Aisi 316. Extremely sturdy. Large capacity.
  • External Pid control (+ 0,1oC) for each group and steam boiler.
  • Digital Display  - Multiple functions for total control.
  • Thermal stability (+- 0,5oC).
  • Energy efficient (- 50%).
  • Powerful steamer (12 mm anti-limescale tube. Stainless Steel. Cool touch)
  • Walnut wood accessories.
  • Ascaso App. Total control.
  • High-performance volumetric pump. Constant pressure even after prolonged and simultaneous use.
  • Water tank (2L) and direct connection
  • Dynamic pre-heating (coffee group).
  • Active cup warmer

Technology T Stainless Steel

After the creation of the Big Dream model, in which Ascaso changed a technical criterion used for more than 100 years (using stainless steel instead of copper and brass), Ascaso wanted to continue creating unique products. A product that would also mark a turning point in the industry.

Technology T is an advanced multi-group technology developed entirely by Ascaso. It offers great thermal stability with a high level of energy efficiency (low energy consumption) and clean and fresh water in each coffee.

Multi-group technology with PID control

High professional-grade performance: Thermal stability guaranteed (in continuous or intermittent use). High steam production (separate, high-volume boiler).

Freshly Delivered Water

Avoiding the use of standing, constantly reheated water to make the coffee. The water for each coffee comes directly from the mains supply, taking fresh, filtered water to the group. Without affecting the water's oxygen and improving the coffee's taste.

Energy efficiency

One of the T technology’s key goals was to reduce the machine’s energy consumption. We deliver a 50% average saving compared with a traditional machine and 25% compared with other multi-boiler machines.




13.8 inches


17 inches with the portafilter


17.75 inches




1710 (14.3 Amps) *requires 20 amp NEMA-5-20 receptacle




PID, Adjustable Pre-infusion, Volumetric Dosing, Independent Adjustable Group Temp, Adjustable Power Management, Shot Timer, Shot Counter, Auto Clean Cycle, Bluetooth/APP Connected, Group H2O preheat coil

Case Material

Stainless Steel

Boiler Material

Stainless Steel-lined Aluminum Thermoblock, Stainless Steel Boiler

Cup Clearance

3 inches

Reservoir Size

2 Lt. tank or direct water connect

Solenoid Valve


Cup Warmer


Portafilter Size


Available Portafilters

Bottomless, E.S.E Pods, Pressurized and Non-Pressurized

Warm-Up: Brew Time

Thermoblock = 1:45 from cold start, Steam Boiler = 9:45 from cold start

Boiler Design

Thermoblock Coffee Group and Boiler Steam Group

Pod Friendly

Yes - without adaptation

Water Sources

Reservoir/Internal Tank or Direct Connect

Auto Shut Off


Auto On





Self-Contained or Plumb-in Option

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