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notNeutral VERO Cortado Glass (4.25oz/125ml)
notNeutral VERO Cortado Glass (4.25oz/125ml) - Image 1 notNeutral VERO Cortado Glass (4.25oz/125ml) - Image 2 notNeutral VERO Cortado Glass (4.25oz/125ml) - Image 3 notNeutral VERO Cortado Glass (4.25oz/125ml) - Image 4 notNeutral VERO Cortado Glass (4.25oz/125ml) - Image 5 notNeutral VERO Cortado Glass (4.25oz/125ml) - Image 6 notNeutral VERO Cortado Glass (4.25oz/125ml) - Image 7 notNeutral VERO Cortado Glass (4.25oz/125ml) - Image 8 notNeutral VERO Cortado Glass (4.25oz/125ml) - Image 9

notNeutral VERO Cortado Glass (4.25oz/125ml)

$18.00 USD

Enjoy your cup of cortado like the masters do with a stunning VERO glass! Its exaggerated facets give it that modern look while its comfortable hold and interior curve from LINO line make pouring latte art easier than ever. Plus, you get more volume for your buck compared to macchiatos or cappuccino's - what’s not to love?

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The VERO Cortado glass

Those looking for the perfect cup to savor a cortado should look no further than VERO. This modern take on an age-old classic will not only ensure that your espresso drink is served in exquisite style, but its bold facets and gentle curve make it incredibly comfortable - so comfortable you'll have plenty of time left over to create some beautiful latte art!

Modern Cortado cup

Get a bold and modern look with notNeutral's groundbreaking cortado glass, combining the LINO cappuccino cup’s interior curve with classic rocks glass design. Enjoy all the benefits of specialty coffee as well as an eye-catching appearance!

Made in the USA

Crafted with American pride, these glasses have a substantial heft and curved facets for an ideal grip. Our product is proudly displayed in hand-pressed glass crafted by Mosser - a family run business with over four decades of experience. Immaculate beveled edges lift the beverage within its curved base, presenting it as if on an elegant pedestal.

Handmade glass

No two VERO products are alike! Each one is created by hand, so there may be natural colour variations and bubbling or rippling that make the glass unique. These special marks of a handmade product only add to its beauty!

Creating the Vero Collection

Introducing the Vero espresso glass as part of our stylish new collection. We've taken things up a notch with this artfully designed piece, featuring crisp faceted angles and modern silhouettes that are sure to add an elevated flair to your coffee-drinking experience. And don't forget – we also have cappuccino and cortado glasses available in this line!

What is a Cortado?

A cortado is the perfect concoction for any discerning coffee enthusiast. It's an exclusive, off-menu delight that offers a creamy balance of espresso and steamed milk in a four-ounce glass - offering more milky goodness than a macchiato but less concentration than cappuccino. A sip of this exquisite drink will leave you wanting more!

Fine-tuning the Cortado Glass

After months of fine-tuning and testing, our team at notNeutral achieved a momentous goal: the design of an innovative glass specifically tailored to serving espresso and milk. We leveraged all we had learned from crafting the LINO collection in order to craft a beautiful product out of elegant glass material - creating something truly exceptional for coffee lovers everywhere!

Perfect for latte art

Crafting the perfect latte art can be tricky, which is why our 4-ounce glasses have been designed with you in mind! Thanks to technical advancements made exclusively within their interior shape, pour artists will find etching out intricate patterns a breeze.

Available in different colors

Our debuting line of glassware got an immediate upgrade with two exciting colors - clear and smoke gray! The contrast between the hues adds a unique dynamic to showcase your favorite drink. Let's raise our glasses in admiration as we welcome these stunning new additions: one providing a bright, glossy shine while the other casts its mysterious allure.

  • Available in a range of colourways
  • Capacity: 4.25oz (125ml)
  • Height: 3" (7.62cm)
  • Width: 3" (7.62cm)
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Microwave Safe
  • Made in USA

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notNeutral VERO Cortado Glass (4.25oz/125ml)