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Finca El Sapo - Nucleus Coffee
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The Cortado Project

Diversify your revenues and engage your customers

More than a Website

We collaborate with The Cortado Project to improve your visibility and revenues. We build your website to create a great first impression with your customers. This website not only reflects your brand image but also inspire confidence in new visitors.

The Cortado Project

Diversify revenues

Blind shipping, a new e-commerce solution, enables coffee shops to expand their product range. Whether it's the latest coffee grinder or a sought-after bean variety from a renowned roaster, these products can be shipped straight to the customer. And the best part? The customer remains oblivious to any third-party involvement in the product's fulfillment.

Improve Customer LTV

The advantage? It ensures the customer associates the high-quality product directly with your brand. By eliminating the need for double-shipping (from supplier to you, then from you to customer), it also facilitates quicker delivery times, enhancing customer satisfaction. Blind shipping can integrate new products into your inventory, allowing customers to feel they're always buying directly from a trusted source.

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